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I can remember back when the issue at stake was which player to get, In one corner was Toshibas HD DVD player and in the other corner was the sony blu ray player. Well if you wanted a HD player bad enough like me and didn't want to wait for a declared winner, You waited for a reasonable price and made a choice. In truth it was a coin toss and nobody knew for sure who the victor was going to be. Well anyway I was on Ebay and came across A Lg super blu player just a little bit higher priced than a stand alone player that claimed to play both formats so I jumped all over it. At first I bought just a few top hd dvd movies at a price around twenty-five to thirty dollars a piece to hold me over. While I knew prices would be higher at the beginning for either players than eventually they would come down In the longer run. Fast forward to today and too my own surprise even, I find my self buying way more hd dvd titles than blu rays because of they ridiculous bargains I'm finding on ebay and amazon on a monthly basis. Im talking great movies that are averaging five dollars a piece delivered to my door mostly brand new or new like condition. I never felt like such a winner buying electronics like this before. My whole life I would buy the newest game system out and maybe 15 to 20 games paying as much as sixty dollars a piece, totaling over a grand in the end only to have it be almost worthless in value as the next system would roll out one to three years later. Right now I have a sony ps3 right next to my lg super blu that I use for playing blu rays since it loads so much faster, I have a respectable blu ray movie collection and a huge hd dvd collection which I spent much less for that ill enjoy for a long time. So here are my final thoughts as to who the real winners and losers are and goes something like this . Losers= Toshiba, Stores that got stuck blowing hd dvd units and movies out cheaper than they paid for them and Buyers who were foolish enough to sell there units and movies off cheap. And now the winners are the savvy buyers that seen these blowout prices and established a great collection of movies by embracing another mans loss and a second system.
Like the old saying go's "ones mans loss is another mans gain" LOL. happy viewing and piece out!
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very true...and *Peace, not piece :-)
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Have a look through this thread:

Those cheap bargains don't always work out, when you have to buy the disc again !! I went HD DVD first, loved it and still do, but my Toshiba A1 is in the loft gathering dust, and I use the Xbox add-on connected to a PC. I have all the films that I really wanted on HDDVD and am just crossing my fingers that the discs hold out !!
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I think the real message is no format actually dies, as long as Amazon and eBay are around. There is still a viable market for Laserdiscs, reel to reel/ cassette tapes, even 78 rpm vinyl and Edison cylinders. Whatever floats your boat.
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I purchased a Toshiba HD-A30 shortly before the format war ended (around November 2007) and was bummed when HD-DVD lost. I took advantage of the sales on Amazon and Fry's (especially since Amazon sent me $50 store credit as a condolence for the the death of the format). I stopped after buying only about 40 titles because I didn't want to be left in the dark if my HD-DVD player crapped out. I didn't feel like buying a backup player to keep a dead format on life support, so now I own pretty much everything I had on HD-DVD on BD.

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I have an HD-A1 (like new in the box) maybe used 6 months... Then I also had at the time (and stil do) the Add on drive for the 360. But toward the end of the format war I got the HD-A2 for $99 on black friday (which at the time was a steal) and then also at the very very end picked up an HD-A30 (my only true 1080p/24 output HDDVD player)
I have a collection of about 170 HD-DVD's most of them picked up for either free (all the buy a player get 5 free movie deals) or $2-5ea on blow outs at the end. In the beginning I only bought HD-DVD's unavailable on Blu-ray or in the rare cases that the HD-DVD had lossless audio (some warner titles) and the BD didn't.

In the end, i'm happy with my choice, i have a great library of classics... But i think I made a better choice in going MORE with Blu-ray. I shave about 550 Blu-ray movies and not one of them has given an issue. On the other hand i've had to replace about a dozen of my HD-DVD's due to disc rot. Fortunately for me, Universal and Warner were kind enough to replace faulty movies with Blu-rays.... But the ones i couldn't get, I was at least able to replace for relatively little to no cost through Amazon/Ebay etc.

I recently just picked up Troy (theatrical edition) on HDDVD for $2 sealed. I actually prefer the theatrical cut for the opening scene, i think it's way more impactful in its presentation, and i like the cover art a lot better too.

Anyways, I think a part of me misses those early days of HD and the format war... and a small piece of me almost wishes they could've existed side by side, but i guess that's just wishful thinking.

I'm still enjoying my stuff to this day and wont part with it any time in the near or distant future.

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