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layla90's Avatar layla90 05:12 PM 05-30-2011
What is the best way to connect an XDA-1 to a Denon AVR 988? RCA cables to phono is what I have been seeing on some forums. I want to make sure that my AVR doesn't reprocess the analog signal.

runnin''s Avatar runnin' 08:27 PM 05-30-2011
When I had my denon avr, I had the XDA connected to the multi channel input section and front left and right. Then use the avr in stereo mode only. This stops any processing by the receiver whatsoever.
layla90's Avatar layla90 09:05 PM 05-30-2011
thanks runnin....I'll try going to the multi channel connections. I am assuming that if the AL24 processing light is not on than I am in pure analog mode?
runnin''s Avatar runnin' 06:25 AM 05-31-2011
Man, I can't remember now what that light signified. But if you use the multi channel inputs, you have to select that input on your remote and no processing can be done on those inputs as Denon designed it I believe.
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