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Kevin C Brown's Avatar Kevin C Brown 04:01 PM 09-07-2011
1/2 width because I'd put it on top of my desktop PC, under my desk.

I've only somewhat looked around at this point so I haven't come across many brands or models yet.

Thanks !!

ap1's Avatar ap1 07:34 AM 09-08-2011
Why don't you want to use PC as player? Get a decent sound card, pair of active speakers and you are all set.
Kevin C Brown's Avatar Kevin C Brown 11:10 AM 09-08-2011
I use a PC now. I have 2 setups I rotate through: AMB y2 + CKKIII DAC/amp, and MF V-DAC + Schiit Valhalla. I want to compare those to a dedicated CD player (and/or with a DAC).

I have come across a few, but none are really floating my boat at this point for bang for the buck:

a bunch of Teacs
Pro-Ject CD Box (SE)
Cambridge Audio Sonata CD30
NuForce CDP-8 CD Player
Audio Analogue Primo CD player (rev2.0)
ap1's Avatar ap1 04:37 PM 09-08-2011
Sorry, but I can't help audiophile itch. Computer with any mid level (semi-)pro audio card (either internal or external) is perfectly good for all types of stereo playback, including high-resolution records.
EDGroup's Avatar EDGroup 02:09 AM 09-21-2011
i do believe parasound has something in the works for their Z series line. for something more upstream Musical Fidelity has a transport only cd player as well...
Harrypt's Avatar Harrypt 09:53 AM 09-21-2011
I'd go buy an old Meridian 508 used. Much better sound for about the same $$

Although, I don't know why you bother with a high quality cd player if you're going to run it through the computer.
rocky1's Avatar rocky1 06:52 AM 09-22-2011
eastern electric mini-max
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