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everybest's Avatar everybest 11:52 PM 05-11-2013

I've got one of these sitting around in it's original box with the manuals, remote, etc. Trying to clear out space and I have no idea what to do with it. Anyone know if this is worth anything?

JD NC's Avatar JD NC 08:11 AM 05-16-2013
Ebay has a few DAT recorders for sale between $40 and $250, but I have no idea if anyone's buying. I'd just list it on ebay with no reserve and see what happens. If there are any DAT enthusiasts left (assuming there were any to begin with), it's a nice looking unit. The problem is that it never caught on enough for anyone to accumulate a large collection of media, so it's now an obsolete technology without an installed user base. That's a tough sell even for someone who's into niche formats. If they're out there, though, ebay will tell you.

Good luck!
mookey780's Avatar mookey780 07:16 PM 05-25-2013
Hi,i happen to be looking for one of these.Do you still have it?
David Susilo's Avatar David Susilo 06:37 PM 05-28-2013
The problem with your unit is the Teac and not the Tascam version. The Tascam version has the ability to override copy protection, record with no copy protection, 1st gen copy only, or 1st and 2nd gen copy only. The consumer version (Teac) can not override copy protection and only have the option for 1st gen copy only.
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