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01-12-2010 | Posts: 12,910
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This might be the all-in-one box I've been waiting for.


JVC is introducing the KW-NT3HDT, an all-in-one memory navigation system with built-in HD Radio®, offering real-time traffic conditions and other useful information. With the highly reliable Windows Automotive OS, quick start-up, and P.O.I. updatable with Google Maps, the unit provides stress-free driving on the road. Other features include Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, iPod®/iPhone audio and video playback, iTunes Tagging, detachable face panel, and user-friendly interface.
In addition to real-time traffic conditions, fuel prices and weather information are also available via HD Radio® broadcast.

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01-13-2010 | Posts: 441
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"Highly reliable" and "Windows" should not be put together like that. :b
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01-13-2010 | Posts: 12,910
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Originally Posted by TydalForce View Post

"Highly reliable" and "Windows" should not be put together like that. :b

I was thinking the same thing!!! The price point is a bit high for a JVC, imho. But I'm sure there will be lots of discounting.
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01-15-2010 | Posts: 534
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Not to get a bit off track

"The KW-NT3HDT is available in March with an MSRP of $1199.95."

ouch! but this is quite advanced though

Top of the line gps's have lane assist...this has a 6 inch screen and detachable panel...

Maybe in a few years if the price will drop..heck maybe five for me.
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03-14-2011 | Posts: 12,910
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New JVC units will include Artist Experience functionality.


JVC Mobile Entertainment plans March shipments of its first two head units that control Clear Channel's iHeartradio app on USB-connected iPhones.

JVC's $1,199-suggested KW-NT50HDT A/V-navigation system controls the iHeartradio app on a USB-connected iPhone.
Both models, shown at International CES, are double-DIN A/V-navigation units with embedded HD Radio, iTunes tagging, 6.1-inch touchscreen display, hands-free and stereo Bluetooth, detachable faceplate and iPod/iPhone external mode. Both are also the company's first two head units with HD Radio Artist Experience feature, which displays images transmitted by select HD Radio stations. Images could include album art, artist-related images, promotional images, and station logos.

The two head units are the $1,199-suggested KW-NT50HDT and $999 KW-NT30HD.

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03-18-2011 | Posts: 550
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I plan on getting the new JVC KW-NT50HDT myself! I've looked at pretty much everyone else's current or to be released shortly, and this Unit looks to be the best all around head unit. I like the Detachable faceplate, I've heard of to many Pioneer units being stolen, not to mention they still look like their 10 years in the past. Really, No traffic for the GPS? The Navigation looks like that from a 10 year old Unit.

The point being they charge a HIGH PRICE for one of these Navigation units when you can buy a Desktop or laptop PC for half the price. It's amazing what my tiny Iphone 4 can do, if it wasn't for the 3.5" just to small while driving because the Navigon GPS software is fantastic. Which does traffic, and has 3D elevation, you can see the Hills. Even my old Garmin 2610 looks better then a new Pioneer, even more Primitive to my Garmin Navi 780. Having all these accessory's all around my car, taking them all off and back on again over and over. It's to much. If I can have most everything in a single Unit, great. I changed over my speakers, I have a Box for a Sub I plan to add also, I just need to get rid of my stock 8 year old single CD can't even play a MP3 song.
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03-19-2011 | Posts: 12,910
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Funny that you bring that up. This is just the unit I've been waiting for, but the GPS program on my new Windows Phone has me thinking twice about spending the money. Granted, I'd like a little bigger screen, but the fact it updates the route if there's a wreck and speaks turn-by-turn directions into my BT headset makes me think twice about dropping this kind of cash on a ten-year-old truck.

But, being the geek I am, I probably will.
JBDragon's Avatar JBDragon
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03-20-2011 | Posts: 550
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My truck is a 2003, still looks like new. Hell I only have little over 44,000 miles on it. The Radio is a stock 1 CD Basic thing, but I do have steering wheel controls so I'll get the Adapter so I can continue to use those. It's nice to have. I HATE BT headsets. A have a BT device that clips on my Visor for Hands free, but I'd rather have that built into the JVC unit, which it is. Another gadget I don't have to worry about turning on/off and plugging in to recharge, etc.
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04-06-2011 | Posts: 656
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Looks pretty sweet.
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08-11-2011 | Posts: 915
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I am starting to get interested in learning more about HD Traffic. I have Googled hat term, but I am not finding what I want to know. For example, what HD radio station in the Minneapolis-St. Paul carries this? Does it get data automatically from people with smartphones?
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01-26-2012 | Posts: 548
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I have the KW-NT3HDT and have never had to worry about what station is carrying the traffic information. I think this unit has 2 HD Radio tuners in it and the 2nd one is dedicated to finding the station that is transmitting the information. I have driven through DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston and this unit just "found" the traffic information.

As an aside, there are 2 stations in my market (Baltimore) which also transmit album art (WPOC HD2 and WQSR HD1/2).
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