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Daveobieone's Avatar Daveobieone 09:41 AM 03-05-2007

Wal-Mart To Carry HD Radios

Stocking HD

WAL-MART STORES INC. and the HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE announced that HD digital radio receivers are launching today in 1,989 WAL-MART stores in 85 markets. WAL-MART will initially stock the JVC HD-W10 Mobile HD Radio receiver, which will retail for less than $190. The store has also created a variety of programs and educational tools around HD RADIO.

"We know our customers want mobile HD digital radio products," WAL-MART automotive buyer TIM CLARK. "We're thrilled to offer a high-quality unit like the JVC stereo at a competitive price that will make it easy for customers to discover the great benefits of HD RADIO."

The move by WAL-MART will be supported by new radio spots that represent the next phase of the ALLIANCE's $250 million marketing campaign announced in DECEMBER. The spots will include a mix of :15s and :30s in all 85 markets.

"WAL-MART brings HD RADIO to an incredible new level of reach and power and we are very grateful for their leadership," said ALLIANCE Pres./CEO PETER FERRARA. "This underscores that HD RADIO is now within easy reach of millions of consumers nationwide and WAL-MART is an ideal partner to make that possible. WAL-MART customers not only get a terrific HD digital radio at a great price, but they can hear lots of new radio stations on the dial for free!"

ChrisW6ATV's Avatar ChrisW6ATV 04:05 AM 03-07-2007
The HD-W10 appears to be the same as the existing KD-HDR1. enter that model number in Google and one of the links will be to the store's page for it, with a picture.

They also had their own model number for a Toshiba HD DVD player.
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