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I have a pair of Infinity Reference Four floor standing speakers (EMIT-R tweeter, 4" mid, 6 1/2" woofer) that I bought in ~1993 or 94. The woofer in both of them was replaced with a cheap Radio Shack brand a couple of years ago when the foam surrounding the original woofer disintegrated. Of course, they do NOT sound very good anymore. They were pretty decent sounding speakers in their day, but Infinity would not sell replacement woofers to me. Does anyone have any suggestions for a decent 6 1/2" woofer to go into these speakers to salvage them? I can take pics if anyone would like to see them.

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Do you know what the impedance on the driver is or the crossover frequencies. That would help in making a better recommendation. Also is a great website to look for raw speaker drivers.
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Ask your question on this forum:
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Thanks for the input! I have no idea about the impedance (and I threw away the old speakers) or the crossovers, but maybe the forum ccaliban recommended will help me out.

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The Internet is your friend. A quick search of Google for

"Infinity Reference 4" 3-way

turned up this -

Reference Standard 4 & 5

Introduced: A: 1982 (?)
Dimensions: RS 4: 84 x 34 x 25 cm
RS 5: 74 x 34 x 25 cm
Bass: RS 4: 2 x 20 cm
RS 5: 2 x 16 cm
Mids: 1 x Polydome
Highs: 1 x EMIT
Suggested for amplifiers with: RS 4: 40-150 Watts per channel
RS 5: 35-125 Watts per channel
Frequency range: RS 4: 40 Hz - 32 kHz
RS 5: 43 Hz - 32 kHz
Crossover frequencies: 600 Hz, 4000 Hz
Suggested price (pair): RS 4: 897 $
RS 5: 698 $

Including a link to a spec sheet WITH a Crossover Schematic -

Woofer are listed as -

2x - 8" (20.32cm) Woofers with Polypropylene Cones

The spec sheet also give the Infinity part number for the woofer.

Depending on how far you want to take it, how much money you want to spend, and how much work you want to do, this might be a quick and easy solution -

Pioneer B20FU20-51D 8" Heavy Duty Poly Woofer @ $24.50 EA

Again, replacing a speaker component is not as easy as it seems, and if you want to bring your speakers back to perfection then a lot of speaker and box parameters need to be considered.

Sorry, I just took another look at the specs on the Pioneer speaker, and it is classified as a 6 ohms speaker, so that probably won't work for you, but it still illustrates that potential speakers are available out there.


We can estimate the cabinet volume from the dimensions, so that is a help.

Next, is this speaker 'ported', does it have a vent hole or tube? If it does, is it a straight tube, or does it flair at the ends. What is its diameter? What is its depth? With this information we can estimate the tuning of the cabinet, and from that assume the resonance of the speakers themselves.

Are the woofers in their own cabinet? Yes, I understand that everything is in one box, but frequently those boxes are sectioned off into separate chambers. If we are going to estimate the cabinet size, then we need to know if we can take the entire cabinet or if we have to subtract a section from it.

Also, how much money are you willing to spend. Woofer can range from $20 each to $250 each, we need to know where in that range you are.

That should give you a huge step in the right direction.

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I have the Owner's Manual for the Inifinity Reference Four speakers. They have 3 speakers, the Emit-R tweeter, 4" mid, and 6-1/2" subwoofer.

Here are the specifications

Power Rating - 25 to 150 watts per channel, RMS
Frequency Response - 44Hz-40kHz +/- 3 db
Crossover Frequency - 300Hz, 4000Hz
Efficiency - 90 dB @ watt, 1 meter
Normal Impedance - 6 ohms

I love these speakers. I may need to replace my subwoofer too; the foam has completely degraded.
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If you happen to have the original drivers laying around somewhere, Parts Express will completely rebuild them for $30/pair.

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You do not have to replace the drivers unless they are damaged...have them reconed.
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