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Originally Posted by Looneybomber View Post

Your AVR does not LFE pre-amp outs? Were you meaning it doesn't have balanced outputs just unbalanced (RCA) outputs?

But can it adjust the output level? I know it can function as a subsonic filter, but I didn't know if it had a way of increasing the output level to better match the input level of the EP2500

My Onkyo 605 has LFE preouts, but not preouts for my mains and surrounds. I plan on building the Khanspires and will need more robust power for my mains.

Thanks for the reply as always John. I will give you a call and I am sure I will get taken care of.

Sounds like I need a MIC2200 if it will boost my signal and act as a hpf. I am wondering, however if the DCX2496 will also boost the signal since I wouldn't mind having an eq solution and kill three birds with one stone.
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So I plugged in the line mixer and . The floor was shaking. That definitely did the trick and to top it off the rattling went away. I walked over to the sub to look at the excursion and I saw why the rattling stopped. The dust cap had blown off and landed 5ft across the room. So it was an epoxy problem on the dust cap, an easy enough remedy. I am getting some hum which I will address after the other things are remedied.

So far I am very pleased with the quality of sound from the limited listening time I had.
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Very good to hear that you are up and running. Looking forward to some further reports on the sound quality.
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So I talked to AE and I need to send my driver back in to get the dustcap reglued on. They are paying for shipping and everything so I am being well taken care of. I just haven't sent it off yet as I am having a hard time parting with my baby. I still have the hum issue. I ordered a mic2200 today for hpf and line boost. I will see what the hum problem is after I get that installed by unplugging everything and adding back components one at a time. I may need to build one of NEODan's diy sheilded rca to xlr cables. I will also get a cheater plug to confirm the hum is a ground loop (I won't leave it with a cheater with a kid in the house).
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Used a cheater plug and it did the trick no hum at all now. Now to watch a movie finally.

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