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Not quite sure if this is the right forum, and if not you can move it.

So I found some old speakers and amplifier in my parents basement.

I was in the market for some studio monitors so I would like to use these unless it just wont be worth it.

What i need help with is replacing the 8 inch speakers in the the two cabs.

The amp is a Nikko STA-2020

I dont have the manual so I cant give you a whole lot of information about it. I do have pictures however.


These are the speakers (Bose 130's):

One other note they say 8 ohm.

So I need to replace the 8 inchers. As far as I know the tweeters are still fine. They sounded pretty good as far as I remember so I hope I can get a replacement speakers and get going. I am looking to spend no more than $80 per speaker so keep the $160 budget in mind. I dont have any manuals and I cant seem to find them on online soo..... If you need more information let me know, and thanks in advance!
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Ah, 301's. Best value Bose ever made. Actually one of their better speakers. But they are not only vintage, but yours are history. Cabinets are not worth trying to reuse. Sorry. New drivers and technology are so far advanced it is not funny. Amp should be fine.
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"Direct Reflecting" speakers are not suitable for use as studio monitors, but Bose 301s can be "fixed."

....Crank up the SIGNAL ... cut back the noise....
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IIWY I would just replace the surrounds, cost about $20...
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Might be fun to try and replace the foam as practice. Ive tried it once

I usualy use a stick pin and poke into the dome and pry the dents out then put a drop of glue over the hole. Some times rubbing a little water over the dome helps it cure and stiffens it back up after the dent is removed.

Originally Posted by donsantos
How can you tell a point is a reflection point?
Originally Posted by maxcooper
sit in normal spot
have friend slide mirror on wall
see speaker? bingo!-Max
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I quarter cup of black powder in a nice steel chamber with a wick and a match should take care of those 301's...

Sorry, someone had to be mean.


Say good by to the speakers and Audio advisor has some nice energy speakers on clearance....enjoy and sorry about the pyrotechnics stuff

As of Jan 2017, im still looking for (1) Outlaw M-200 mono amp, and a used Marantz 7010
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If you don't mind gambling on $30 or so I'd throw some elcheapo 8" woofers in there and see if the sound works for you. If you don't like how they sound you probably could get your money back by selling on Craigslist.
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