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Well all this talk of shortages made me pull trigger on 2 SI HT 18s I was going to do 4 volt 10s first
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Erich props to you for dealing with all this sourcing complexity.
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Yep. Erich is the Man, for sure!

Dude, are you made of leprechauns? Cause that was awesome!

The Plains Theater Has Begun
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I have some possible bad news about many of the audio projects and the future of the DIY Sound Group site. Maybe it will end up as good news, I'm not sure.

It's now been about three years since the SEOS project really started to come together with the initial prototypes that Bwaslo and I began tested. The first year handling emails and packaging things on the weekend or after work wasn't too bad. Last year was more difficult, but I was still able to get it done. However this year I found it very difficult to keep up and now realize that I simply won't be able to handle things the way they're currently going.

To be honest, I've never worked so many hours in my life. Before work, after work, most weekends working from 9:00 in the morning to midnight. Any free time at all is spent sitting at the computer answering the 75+ emails per day, testing compression drivers before shipping, or packaging kits that I never hear about again. Hundreds and hundreds of packages, very few reviews, very few photos, very little information gathered to explain designs, assembly, frequency response, etc. It finally dawned on me in the past few months that this is simply not the way all of this was suppose to go.

My lady friend has been my 'Audio Enabler' by doing all the things that used to break me away from this. I honestly don't recall the last time I even went to the store, bank, post office, etc. And I finally realized it this month at Christmas when my 8yr old niece opened up a gift from me that I didn't even recognize.....because my lady friend bought it and wrapped it up......along with all my other gifts and Christmas cards. It was a real eye opener showing me that I've lost track of what I used to do 2 and 3 years ago.

This of course has been all my fault by pushing for new projects/designs and getting them out there before documentation and instructions are really nailed down. That was a big failure on my part and I know that there's no way to correct this without shutting the site down. I can't stop to get assembly photos or type up directions at this point because none of the other stuff slows down. It's 11:30 Saturday morning and I've already received and answered 27 emails asking what speaker sounds better, will there be a flat pack for this, when will this kit be back in stock, does my crossover look correct in these photos, can I use fiberglass insulation in my speaker, etc. (There's another 8 more emails since I started this post). I typed up a FAQ's page 2 weeks ago, but it hasn't helped. There's simply not enough documentation for these designs for the average DIY guy.

Because I really can't answer all the technical aspects for every design or explain what benefits the SEOS gives, or tell someone if their crossover is done correctly, I'm going to be shutting the site down in about a week or so. I wanted to ask if anyone wanted to help with any of the issues I've mentioned, or if they want to take over any kits, or parts of the site.

After most things are removed from the website I plan to take the extra time to go over each design one by one to make them easier to understand and build with better instructions, crossover layouts, etc. If I'm not able to do that on a particular design, that kit will not be back up on the site, or it will be listed as a kit for 'advanced DIY builders only'. But chances are, it will not be put back up until the documentation is good. There will be others that simply don't come back, but will still be 'supported' as much as I can.

Please keep in mind that I *REALLY* enjoy my part in all of this and will continue doing it, but some things have to be done differently so it can work smoother for everyone. If anyone has any other ideas that will help make this easier for the end user, please let me know.
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