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Originally Posted by antisuck View Post
Erich, I think most of us get that money is not a priority for you in all this. We may not understand why, but you've been very clear on that point. What is troubling about your posts today, beyond the glimpse of how hard this has been on you, is that you are talking about doing a whole lot more work that will certainly benefit your customers but is in no way guaranteed to make things easier for you going forward.

There are a few directions you could take this thing, but it mostly boils down to a couple of choices IMHO:

- step things up to the point it becomes a real business with employees to do some of the grunt work, continue to provide the amazing service you have proven so capable of, and reap whatever rewards you feel appropriate

- scale it back to a manageable load for you until it is once again something you can enjoy doing 100%, either by cutting the number of products or cutting back on support, or both.

I'm worried that by striving to implement the above laundry list of improvements in documentation and instructions etc., even if you scale back on the number of kits, you'll still end up attracting more customers with no experience or even a real interest in DIY audio and get stuck with all the more expectations of support. Maybe even a net increase in workload. That would really bite.

I have no business giving advice, but there's another 2 cents anyway for what they are worth.
Think your right. More info may cut emails from 60 to 40 a day but thats still a lot. A couple of hours a day can be fun. 30 hours a week is a gorilla on your back.
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Is it to much to ask to have a dedicated thread on whatever designs and the designer can respond there?

Others would help and when the designer can he will respond.
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This is the end.....

My only friend the end.....
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Originally Posted by Bassment View Post
I agree, the best part of DIY sound group is that they developed and sell products that are designed very well and work really good, and are an amazing value. The whole point of do it yourself is to be able to cut wood, order crossover components and perform basic soldering.

By making a total kit so turn key it attracts a traditionally non DYIer, which leads to more questions, more work, more parts, more kits, more flat packs, more inventory issues, more purchaser support... Etc... Etc...

I don't see the point carrying stuff PE does unless you make a profit on it. Why got though the trouble of trying be a retailer when your clearly don't want o be a retailer ?

Just sell the parts PE doesn't and list the part numbers so people can source themselves.

Who cares about free shipping ? Or the dealer discount at PE ? It only subsidizes pain ... Shipping and stocking parts is pain.

As a true DYI ER I'm really only interested in the stuff I can't source myself. Cross over deign ... Waveguides, Cheap compression drivers etc...

I don't need a turn key kit with a flat pack. I'm not sure I understand why that's necessary. It's certainly nice to have but I'd choose a bunch of dedicated build threads with parts list and crossover schematics over a turn key kit every time. I think idea of a designer or design thread makes a lot of sense to take some weight of your shoulders. Someone has a question ask there.

Make a list of descriptions or stuff you need, I'll write it so you can copy paste.

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