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Hi Erich:

You are a victim of your own success. This is/was predictable because every startup has this problem. As you grow, things need to change. Some structure has to be imposed and with the structure and staff and increased volume comes overhead and logistics problems. Trying to do it all by yourself is simply impossible. Eventually you will burn out or go crazy. To save yourself and to be able to continue to offer this extremely valuable service, you need to charge for it. Its as simple as that.

Even if you tacked on a 20% service surcharge you would still save your customers tons of money and they would be no less appreciative of what you are doing. 20% is nothing compared to the 2x or 3x or more it costs to go retail for a finished speaker. 20% might not be enough or won't always be enough. You should be charging enough so you make some money because this likely to grow to the point where it takes over your life, if it hasn't already.

What limits how much you can charge might be the availability of some the parts through distribution: e.g. Parts Express. OTOH, using them might reduce how much you need to charge. You could/should be offloading more of the support and distribution to them as you've done with the SEOS12. Get PE to agree to stock parts and when you get an order, let them fulfill it. Distribution is their business, let them do it because they are better at it. Its probably cheaper that way even if you have to pay them something for the service.

It would make me happy to see you doing this or something like it because then I could be confident you would still be there when I next needed something from you. We'd still be exploiting your good graces but it wouldn't be as egregious.

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Originally Posted by rhodesj View Post
What's funny is that the elitist guy who can build boxes doesn't actually know how to design a speaker, and has a running thread where he's basically relying on the community to design his custom speakers for him.

Thought it was funny that of all people he is having the issue with Do it for me bull that he is spewing. And also having an issue with profits and when it was put out there to put a FAQ together he was the first to offer his service for a FEE or for Free Speakers.

As part of the masses that dont contribute daily I dont see an issue with any of this. And so what if he wants to make a legit business out of it. There are plenty of other companies that do like meniscus and would imagine if he does that the designers would see some coin for their designs which I imagine is what meniscus does. Regardless of that it is made apparent that he is doing this with no profit and even though it is said over the internet and how do you trust someone over the internet the fact is there is a reason why these kits are so popular. Its that they are cheap compared to everything else out there. So unless he is robbing shipments of components to supply these speakers I just dont see how he is close to making in money on this endeavor.

Funny that the ones helping with the design seem to be the least worried about it all..

Keep on keeping on Erich. Appreciate all the hard work.
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Originally Posted by Erich H View Post
I think the problem is some guys didn't read back a few pages to see that the subforum I was talking about is actually going to cost money, it's certainly not a free place to talk about DIY Sound Group speakers.

They also missed where I clearly explained a way to keep prices where they are for the DIY guys, but end up with extra money to get more part-time packaging help. This requires purchasing a large number of drivers to get a volume discount to make that happen though. I also said this transition HAD to happen or I would not be able to continue with this any longer.
Erich, as I've said before, I think what you do is incredible! I would not be beginning my own venture into more advanced woodworking and creating a 3-5 year plan for myself if it had not been for the inspiration you provided to me and the model of community that you help create. I've told so many people about what you do and how you've made high end DIY speakers accessible in ways they've never been before. You have stepped up more than any other single person on this forum, hands down.
I hope that the last few pages of sour don't turn you away.
"When life hands you sour, just add whiskey!"

As for the part that the designers play in all of this, I have yet to see a single one of them come forward and say "Erich boned me". All the comments I've read have been quite the opposite from guys like Tux, Matt and Bill.

I wish you the best as DIYSG continues to grow and change and prosper.
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Originally Posted by rhodesj View Post
What's funny is that the elitist guy who can build boxes doesn't actually know how to design a speaker, and has a running thread where he's basically relying on the community to design his custom speakers for him.
Sometimes an arbitrary line must be drawn in the sand !!!
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The past few pages have been an interesting read.. Don't let the negative people get you down, Erich H. I think a few of the suggestions could be beneficial, such as the "blog" idea on your page so that you can post up about the trials and tribulations of dealing with all the different vendors, shipping, orders, etc. I had no idea the amount of bs that goes into this on your end dealing with the logistics of it all. I think that would open some people eyes, and make them ease up a bit with the nit picking. It's all growing pains, especially being a one man show, and having it be a popular venture. People just don't have a clue what goes on behind the scenes a lot of the time. Anyways, thanks for doing what you do. I'm sure I'll be ordering some kits at some point when I stop being broke all the time!

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Someone's gotta be feeling like a major douchebag right now. Good time for an apology, mister.
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Originally Posted by LTD02 View Post
that kind of information seems like it would help ameliorate many of the concerns erich. a little blog on your site that just provides some brief updates like that may be a solution, as most folks aren't going to read through this thread and so don't have any idea what is going on. information about upcoming products and discontinued products could also be stuffed in there which would (I imagine) help put a dent in the email que.

a little note on the site that indicates "right now dna360's are in short stock and so are only available with kits until the next batch (which has already been ordered and is on the way) arrives which is expected around april/may" makes a lot of sense. same thing with horns or other stuff that runs out.

do you have a place where all the items that were reneged on can be viewed/purchased?
A blog on his site was exactly what I was thinking when I read it and then saw your comment. If he just put those updates every once in a while up on the site then people who are interested could read and understand.

I completely understand where Erich is coming from on not selling individual drivers when he only has enough for the kits he has in stock. Might suck for some DIY'ers who only want the driver, but tough, we can always order a container ourselves if we are so offended with the process of Erich's generosity. I don't see any of them offering up their $$$ to get it done.

Of course, I have my opinions on how Erich might make things more efficient, but they are just my opinions and Erich is free to do as he wishes and most of us are very glad he does it at all. If Erich wants our opinions, he will ask for them, or you can humbly provide them in a non-judgemental way and see if he agrees.

Erich spared us from a lot of the messy business details that are needed to get something like this done. So then lots of people think it is easy. As a professional equity investor, I can tell you it is not! That is where I think the blogs about the messy details might make for an interesting tidbit on the website.

JoshK on most other audio forums
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