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kgveteran's Avatar kgveteran 04:24 AM 11-17-2013
Thats all i have to say is, i cant wait to add a room onto the house i dont own yet bahahahahaha

Drooling for sure
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blah450's Avatar blah450 03:37 AM 12-22-2013
Originally Posted by N8DOGG View Post

OK, I've finally got my other 4 FTW 21's up and running for a total of 8 x FTW's, 1 x G-horn (UXL), 4 x UXL's and 2 x 2242's plus the JTR's.
Bass is well, insane would be a good word lol.
All Mach 5 drivers are getting 1 channel off of a FP14 clone each. G-horn has one channel off of a IRP-2 7500 and the 2242's a inuke 6000dsp.

Here are a few quick phone pics. I'll throw a few more up once my new custom JTR center come in.

Mein gott, N8!
Someone had mentioned you had experience with the IST subs and to look here for some pics of your set-up.
That's not a set-up...that's the pre-ship sorting area for a commercial subwoofer maker somewhere!! eek.gif
Excuse me whilst I wipe the drool from my chin...
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