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chrapladm's Avatar chrapladm 08:09 PM 09-17-2014
LOL......I had told you about this before. Many of the forums I have read in the past were on the DIYaudio forum. JLH and many others have LOTS of knowledge on the SH front. I know enough to get started as far as hole placement for mids and things but have a long way to go to understand everything. BUT for me I need to build to learn. I am more of a hands on guys then learing by reading. I forget things almost as fast as I learn them.

Wish I could be more helpful but thats all I got. That replacement driver thread I posted a long time ago multiple times is very helpful. Then people like Patrick Bateman, Speaker Scott, JLH, Tom Danley, Bwaslo and countless others are very helpful in getting you to a point of which hopefully you can figure the rest out.

Believe me once you get started make a thread on DIY forum and here and there will be many people intrigued and helpful. I just hate making threads and posting my thoughts. My mind is going a million miles an hour and does not come across always as having a clue. So I try and read more about others experiences then making threads.

Nate Hansen's Avatar Nate Hansen 06:42 AM 09-18-2014
Originally Posted by Mfusick View Post
/heated garage.

I'll cut your wood. (Lol, I guess I'm asking for it with this one)
No heated garage..... the gas bill for my old house is high enough!

No comment on the wood....

On that front mine will actually be fiberglass.
chrapladm's Avatar chrapladm 08:33 AM 09-18-2014
Mr exotic.
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