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01-08-2012 | Posts: 116
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I'm about to start building my box. I have a sketchup of it and I've already ripped the MDF into the appropriate sizes. But, I do not have a router and can't seem to find anyone who does. I only intend to make this one box. So, instead of spending $100 for a router, $30 for a jig and then more for the bits, I have contracted someone to do this part for me. Since I already have the driver, I have the specs for the flushmount cutout. But, I do not have my ports yet. I am getting the 4" precision ports from PE. I'd like for those to be flushmount also. I can only find that the cutout for these ports is 6.25" diameter. But, I am unable to find anything that gives the dimensions for making these flush. My best guess is that I would have to do something like a 1/4" depth as wide as the flare. But, without the ports in hand, I am stuck. Anyone have experience with these ports in this situation? I just may have to put my guy on hold until I ports are delivered to me if no one is able to assist. Thanks.
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If you call the Parts Express hotline and ask someone nicely, they might be able to measure the thickness of the flange for you.

If you can wait until late tomorrow evening, ( 10 pm or so ) I may be able to take a measurement of the thickness of the exterior flange, IIRC it's around 1/8th inch, and the port flange is textured on the outside. ( flat portion ) I can also measure the outer diameter for you. Honestly, I would not recess it, as it's not very thick.
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Hi Vaison,

The dimension of the flange is 1/8" thick. If you are planning to use foam tape or something similar on the back of the flange to seal any air leaks, you may want to make it 3/16".

Good luck on your build
Vaison's Avatar Vaison
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If it is that thin, I see your point in not recessing it. I'm just going to stick with the normal cutout and screw it in. Thanks to both of you for your quick response.
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