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WiSounds's Avatar WiSounds 08:52 AM 03-18-2012
I'm finally home from some travels, so it is project day!

I have to load my open back mid cabs and HF horns. I am debating on painting them as well because it is such a nice day out.

The mid cabs will be loaded with 4 Sundown NeoPro 8".

I also have to head up to Niagara falls this week to see how much it would be to get this 15" basket chromed:

WiSounds's Avatar WiSounds 10:06 AM 03-18-2012
I'll be loading one cabinet with a pair of the NeoPro8s, and the other with the pair of B&C8s from my previous top design. I'll have a little listen-off and see which way it goes. The B&C have completely unsuitable specs for open back like this however.
Steve_Vai_rules's Avatar Steve_Vai_rules 10:13 AM 03-18-2012
Me likey!!
WiSounds's Avatar WiSounds 11:25 AM 03-18-2012
Hmm, hooked up one of my LMS-R 12" enclosures for bass while I work on the other cabs and found a horrendous rattle. Seems the entire suspension has become detached from the frame.



Emails are going out :/
lilmike's Avatar lilmike 11:33 AM 03-18-2012
Wow....that sux.

80??? No fair.... 36 with snow in the forecast here... You take some of that AZ weather back home with you???
WiSounds's Avatar WiSounds 01:06 PM 03-18-2012

First completed project was making some 1x1 standoffs for the adapter plates. I figured why not use them as grilles too. They don't look as pro as I would like, but they are very functional.

kgveteran's Avatar kgveteran 01:44 PM 03-18-2012
yup, mid to high 70's northwest of the city . Sushi lunch is coming soon !
WiSounds's Avatar WiSounds 05:10 PM 03-18-2012
Got the HF horns done:

On to the mids. I'll next be mounting a pair of B&Cs and a pair of Sundowns, and comparing them for SQ and output.
Viperoni's Avatar Viperoni 07:48 PM 03-18-2012
I got LCR cabinets cut up and screwed together for the Stentorians, with any luck I'll be able to route the holes later this week.
Absolutely gorgeous weather, we broke daytime highs up here near Toronto.
noobzorta's Avatar noobzorta 08:52 PM 03-18-2012
Did you free-air your LMS-R? I managed to beat the crap out of mine tonite with some rew sweeps, and also managed to break the glue on the VMP-12. Not sure if i bottomed the lms out though. Did your vc former looked like someone bent over the end of it? I compared pictures of new vs now, and it looks the same.

Interesting grill idea, not super pretty but works good lol.
WiSounds's Avatar WiSounds 08:56 PM 03-18-2012
The LMS-R was in a slot ported enclosure, and barely used. I have never had a driver do this before.
Scott Simonian's Avatar Scott Simonian 09:01 PM 03-18-2012
Nice gear, Wi. I especially like the open cab for the horns. I will be building something very similar for my JBL 2380's soon enough.
WiSounds's Avatar WiSounds 10:17 PM 03-18-2012
First step of the mids part of the project was to load up a pair of B&C 8MDN51, and pair of Sundown NeoPro8 and give a heads up comparison in the same cabinets. The Sundowns are built more for IB midbass applications, and the B&C for ported alignments so the resulting SQ edge to the Sundown is not completely surprising. The NP8s sound exceptionally good in this configuration. These run 300-3.8k:

After the Sundowns won that comparison, I put them up against the previous sealed alignment to ensure I was indeed making progress. The advantage of the Sundown was quite significant in articulation, timbre, and dispersion:

So time to load up the 4 drivers and get them looking right, and install handles and feet:

Then I started cutting grilles. I have an idea or 2 for these on how to finish them, but that part is TBD:

This is the look I am starting to go for with semi final revision cabinets, the recessed flat front grille to hide the business end of things a bit.

The highs, mids, kicks on the sub:

Nice little glam shot of the NeoPros:

I had built the mid cabs to have the same dimensions as the highs, but I may someday build another set at the same width, but squeeze down the vertical dimension to the frames. Even fully assembled the mid cabinet is lighhhhhhhhhhht. .5 BB a handle and some feet are mint. I took a major leap of faith building these open back, and it paid off.

Once I get the 18Sound 21" and the grilles figured out I will be taking measurements with REW.

The B&C 8MDN51s are up for sale if anyone needs a set of 4. PE is $165ea, I'll take $135ea or $500 for the 4 plus shipping. If no one takes them I may turn them into a pair of high efficiency ported monitors.
WiSounds's Avatar WiSounds 11:28 PM 03-21-2012
Today I got some Auralex pyramids and had a few ideas for damping the open back mids. I was able to fit a piece perfectly behind the drivers:

Running 300 up, this may help absorb any box reflections, but could it also make them behave like they are in an enclosure?

Also, on teh front of the cabinets there is the flat space where the baffle angles, and I can place 6 pyramids there like so:

Or I can cut it to 4 and place it in the corner. Think these are beneficial or excessive?

I plan to take measurements Friday. I'll test a couple of sub drivers and the new mid cabs with and without the damping.

I am taking delivery of a SoloX 18 for the other subwoofer cabinet, as well as the other 18Sound 21 and Zv3 18 should be here before the show on April 14th. I threw them all on a graph for kicks, and the results are pretty consistent:
Attachment 241305
Jason kiDD's Avatar Jason kiDD 07:28 AM 03-22-2012
Which horn drivers are you using and what are your impressions?
WiSounds's Avatar WiSounds 08:48 AM 03-22-2012
Selenium D3305ti:


They rock, loud and clean and soak up quite a bit of power.
BP1Fanatic's Avatar BP1Fanatic 09:27 AM 03-22-2012
Is the sub in the stack the same sub in the SoloX 18 thread?
WiSounds's Avatar WiSounds 09:55 AM 03-22-2012
Yep, I built a pair of the sub cabinets, one will have the B&C 21" and one will have an adapter plate with the SoloX in it for this weekend. I have a renegade park show on Sunday, but that is for another thread

I'll have the B&C 21", the 18Sound 21", and the SoloX 18", and whichever one measures the best in the cabinet I'll pick up a mate for so the cabs match.
WiSounds's Avatar WiSounds 10:52 AM 03-22-2012
Any thoughts on the Auralex damping?

If I have time Friday I'll try and take measurements with and without.
pwz414's Avatar pwz414 11:07 AM 03-22-2012
Wi, I didn't know you picked up a B&C! How's it sound?!
pwz414's Avatar pwz414 11:09 AM 03-22-2012
I should sent you a Misco! You could measure them A B.
WiSounds's Avatar WiSounds 11:10 AM 03-22-2012
So far so good, we'll see how it measures in my cabinet.

I'd like to measure an isobaric pair of Miscos in the 2 different 21" cabinets I have built.
WiSounds's Avatar WiSounds 09:05 AM 03-23-2012
Got my MDF adapter plate made for the SoloX:

Today should be a good and busy day!
pwz414's Avatar pwz414 09:38 AM 03-23-2012
Have fun
WiSounds's Avatar WiSounds 03:47 PM 03-23-2012
First thing I put my amp rack together today:

I made a fancy speakon termination plate that makes it a snap to hook up the system:

And prepped the other sub enclosure by building a 1.5" thick MDF adapter ring:

Some sanding, round over, and gasket, and the cabinet is ready for the SoloX 18:

I also finished cutting the grille material for the top cabs:

I'm on my way out the door to pick up the SoloX 18, and hopefully have it running tonight. There may be a bit of a mounting challenge as it has a few pieces, but I'll sort it out.

I'll have a thread with pics and video from Sunday's show with all this stuff out and going.
Scott Simonian's Avatar Scott Simonian 03:51 PM 03-23-2012
WiSounds's Avatar WiSounds 06:12 PM 03-23-2012
Picked it up! This picture doesn't do it justice:

This one helps a little, immense motor:

PassingInterest's Avatar PassingInterest 07:16 PM 03-23-2012
My, what tiny hands you have.
Oh wait, scratch that.
Looking fantastic, as always Wi!
WiSounds's Avatar WiSounds 10:04 PM 03-23-2012
When they say almost 100lbs, they mean it. And especially when you have the adventure I just took on.

So just to make sure the thing works properly, I hooked it up freeair and ran some test tones:

At this point I disassembled the driver. It comes in 2 parts. The SPAIR(soft parts) and BAM(Basket and Magnet)



I set the BAM in for the first of probably 6 or 8 times and, oh noes:

It isn't the adapter ring that is creating the issue:

I reached an impasse, I thought about this for a solid 10 minutes and decided since it was a prototype cabinet screw it. I can always make another round adapter plate. This part pains me quite a bit, but it needed to happen:

In goes the BAM, finally fits:

Since I wasn't able to use the corner mounting holes, I sealed them with a bit of gaff tape on the underside of the basket:

SPAIR loaded and ready to try out!

I had a small issue when I turned it on for the first time. At low volumes I had a nasty rub, turn it up and it went away. Off comes the SPAIR again and I found that there is a bit of play between the SPAIR and BAM. A gentle push on the cone will indicate if everything is aligned properly. If not, tweak it a touch and try again. When hooking it back up, I dropped the jumper wire to series the voice coils all the way down to the bottom of the enclosure, no way to reach that one:

To the rescue, a paint stick and duct tape:

Rewire the SPAIR and set it back in:

Now, she is ready. No more rub:

The pair of stacks finally operational and ready for Sunday:

It was late when I finished for the day so no large signal testing, and I was unable to measure anything today, but I did manage to get everything ready to go for Sunday, load em up and go.
WiSounds's Avatar WiSounds 11:45 AM 03-24-2012
Before I lef
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