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gunbunnysoulja's Avatar gunbunnysoulja 12:43 PM 03-26-2012
Has anyone here made a DIY portable battery powered speaker before?

I want something like this, but DIY:

Form factor could be smaller, but not much larger (like the boominator).

I'm assuming that is using an SLA battery, but smaller form factor would use a smaller (and lighter) battery. I know I would want Bluetooth functionality. Something like the logitech adapter or PE's BT-1.

Assuming I would use a tripath type Class-T amp, perhaps TA-2024 (or Lepai 2020). This means low power draw, 15-20w@ 4ohms.

Most the of current production BT speakers are too small and poor SQ. I'm not sure how the SQ will be of the ION Road Rocker, but the price point is great. But DIY is fun. I like the Sonos, but too limited in functionality. I thought about making a fully-contained system, with a Raspberry Pi, Tablet or something like a Android Galaxy Player. But since I will be using a controller most of the time (ie. iphone or android) for source, why not just make it BlueTooth and make it simple.


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