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TVAddikt's Avatar TVAddikt 01:55 PM 04-27-2012
I am building the following stand

My speakers are located behind a false wall and an AT screen. The floor of the speaker area is going to be a piece of carpet or rug runner over concrete (no pad)

So I am looking for advice as to whether to use rubber bumps or spikes. I have been looking at the following rubber bumps because I have the tactile tranducers installed into my couches:

Should I pickup some of these for the stands? These are pretty expensive for what they are, cheaper suggestions are also welcome, that will work for my situation.

A9X-308's Avatar A9X-308 03:00 PM 04-27-2012
Why use either? Won't make any difference sonically.

Spikes and rubber feet (think hardware store) can be had cheaply enough if you do decide to use them.
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