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autox320's Avatar autox320 07:41 AM 05-20-2012
After owning the 8320s I knew the weakness of them was the top end lacking a compression driver. Even with the same amps feeding the rears 250w RMS each, they had to be about 5-7db hotter to keep up with the mains. The mains are CHT SHO-10s.
Why not just purchase 8340A's? Well I figured it was a chance to open them up. Not much online information available for the 8320s except for specs.

So removed the 1" soft dome. Screwed in a compression driver in it's place. Listened with an L-pad attached for a bit. Then went back in a padded it 2 Ohm. Some sound deadener on the basket of the mids and backside of the horns for the little extras. Also the compression driver cap is lined with a strip of deadener. They can keep up now. Total cost $102 at parts express for 2 drivers and 2 resistors. Anyways on with the pics of the 8320

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