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I was at Lowes yesterday buying lumber and went to see check the price on Arauco Ply because I would be needing it in the next few weeks. I found a shelf of 23/32" ply, but there was no 15/16". I asked about it when I was at the cashier and they looked it up on the computer and told me they had none in stock and none was on the way, they wouldn't be selling it anymore. So the cashier looked up nearby stores to see if they had any, and my other local store did have a few sheets left. The cashier recommended that I ask for a discount because when Lowes has an item on closeout they want to get rid of them as fast they can so that they have room for something else. I was able to get them for $12 a sheet, a spectacular price. One was a little torn, but it will be okay for whatever I use that sheet for. I don't know if this is just a regional supply change or a national change, but if you need for like Arauco Ply and have relied on Lowes to buy it from, you might want to check if you can get a deal. I know that Arauco Ply was the lumber of choice for BFM subwoofers and many AVS members used it for their THTs. Just wanted to share the news I learned this weekend.
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Did you check Home Depot?

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Yeah, my local HD doesn't carry it. Menard's can special order it, but I'm fussy with lumber. I'll pick through every board to find ones that are straight, no twist, fewer knots, etc. But so far that has been my favorite plywood I've worked with in my limited carpentry/woodworking experience.
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Originally Posted by cookieattk View Post

me and google find all answers

That's really unfortunate.

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The new plant is already under construction, and the trees are still growing, so like all things this too shall pass.
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