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smoth's Avatar smoth 09:32 AM 06-28-2012
I just ordered a pair of Adam A7x and they are scheduled to arrive today. I want to build a nice set of stands to put them on this upcoming weekend. I am looking to spend no more than $50-75 for the pair which will include any costs for the stands and isolation pads.

I have a whole bunch of 2.375" OD PVC pipe that I was planning to use to provide the height. I am thinking of 4 pipes per stand, 3 filled with concrete, one to hide the powder cables (can I run the signal cable through there too or will I be risking too much interference?). The base and top of the pipes will be screwed to 2 layers of 3/4" maple plywood. The stands will be on a hard surface so I am thinking of using some erasers as feet. The top will be one continuous sheet of plywood with the top layer hollowed out to allow for the isolation pads. I am thinking of using one of those 2x2 foam flooring tiles with a 1/4" steel plate on top of it. Add some non-slip pads and the monitors will be placed on top, tweeter height of about 45-46". They should be around 48lbs each when completed.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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