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07-13-2012 | Posts: 291
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If not taken yet, there is a pair of maelstrom woofers and enclosures for a decent price. The magnet, plate, and frame kind of look similar to the CHT drivers.

If still around after the weekend I may think about snagging those up. I could not find any parameters of the non X version after a quick search. Are we able to estimate the x-max based on the magnet size? Thought about using these for the HT part.

Thanks for any of help.
Scott Simonian's Avatar Scott Simonian
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07-13-2012 | Posts: 14,698
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Oh wow! Those are the old school Adire brand Maelstrom's. Boy....that takes me back. smile.gif

They are pretty much an 18" version of the Tempest (which can be compared to the Dayton DVC15) and was a very nice sub driver but it just didn't sell well. Back then it was priced ~$300 and the Tempest was good for half that so you could see why it wasn't too popular at the time. About a year later Dan Wiggins released the XBL^2 system with the release of the Sadhara. I think that's what they called it (12" sub driver tuned to 20hz system in a tube) and then the much more popular and well know Tumult driver. The rest was history.

Lol...sorry, told ya it took me back. tongue.gif

I used to have the T/S on these but I think I lost them. frown.gif It did like a larger box than the Tempest and that I do remember. The Xmax was rated at 13mm and an RMS power rating ~1,000w.

EDIT: AHAH! Got the T/S specs for you. smile.gif

Re 3.4 ohms
Le 3.5 mH
Qms 19.11
Mms 245 grams
Qes 0.29
Cms 0.24 mm/N
Qts 0.28
Rms 1.76 N*s/m
Fs 20 Hz
Sd 1180 cm^2
Vas 460 liters
BL 19.8
Xmax 13.0 mm one way
EBP 69
SPL 92.9 dB @ 1W/1m
No 1.22%
Pmax 550W per voice coil; 1000W total to the driver
Distortion <3%, 16 Hz - 200 Hz, @ 105 dB SPL

What kind of system did you want to build with these? Sealed? Vented? Passive Radiator? Horn?
omegaslast's Avatar omegaslast
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07-13-2012 | Posts: 885
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Box looks pretty tiny for two 18" woofers, even low xmax ones, whats the Q on that thing
kwarny's Avatar kwarny
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07-15-2012 | Posts: 291
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The drivers and box were sold. For some reason I was thinking there were two separate enclosures.

Thanks for the parameters Scott. The history was interesting too.
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