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I've run into a minor problem during the Tuba HT build. While constructing the baffle, my screw holes to mount the driver were incorrectly aligned and the wood started to split towards the underside where i was drilling. This is my second attempt on constructing a baffle :/ (i only have a jigsaw). What's the best course of action to take? Should i widen the holes so everything is aligned but with larger holes or drill new holes in the baffle and fill in the old holes with PL i guess?
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If the cutout for the speaker is round, and the correct size, I would fill the holes with PL sand them down, turn the speaker a 1/4 turn and redrill the holes. One way to make sure that the speaker is in the middle of the cutout is to draw a circle outside of the cutout so at least 1/4" of the line is outside the speaker, then you can center the speaker inside the drawn circle and your speaker should be centered. Now all of your holes will be centered reducing tearout and holes that are on the edge!
If the hole that you cut out for the speaker with the jigsaw is not round, i would start over if the hole is in any way too big. You can make an easy sled for you jigsaw out of a piece of scrap plywood or particleboard. Cut a piece of plywood 6"x12", on one end cut a hole for the jigsaw blade to go through and use some small pieces of plywood to frame around the base of your jigsaw. Now measure from the outside of the balde to create your center point to drill a small hole and place a screw. Attach the screw the center of the hole you want to cut out and let the sled cutout a perfectly round circle. Sorry I dont have any pic's but its really easy to make.
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If it's just one hole, and it's slightly off, you could probably redrill it and fill the gap with extra epoxy when installing the hurricane nuts. Leave the bolt in the nut to keep out any extra ooze, or chase it with a tap later. As long as redrilling doesn't result in a hole too close to the edge.

When I built my THT's I did the following:

1. Place driver cone-side up, place cut out baffle over top, and ensure all around alignment.

2. Carefully clamp baffle to driver with small clamps so that you can flip the assembly upside down. You will need a jig that will keep the clamps elevated from your work bench. With small squeeze clamps, a pair of 2x4's should do it.

3. Re-check alignment and ensure it hasn't shifted. If it has, go back to (1).

4. Use largest bit that will fit mounting holes, but is still smaller than than hole required for the tee/hurricane nuts you are using. Drill 1 hole and run a temp bolt and nut. The mounting holes will act as a guide if the drill bit is large enough.

5. Re-check driver alignment, drill a hole, and run a second bolt at the other end. Tighten both bolts such that the clamps can be removed if you wish.

6. Drill the rest of the holes with the same bit used for the bolts.

7. Remove the driver and re-drill holes to size needed.

If you doubt the integrity of the baffle make another one. It's easy at this point. Almost impossible once it's glued into the cabinet,
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