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I just bought an assortment of speaker drivers through a website as a set as they were ex demo and extremely cheap.

1x Fane CLA8-75 8 inch bass/mid 75w rms
4x Fane Studio 5FR , 5 inch fullrange 50hz-15khz, 35w rms
1x Fane Studio 5M, 5 inch midrange, 900hz- 8khz, 50w rms
1x 5 inch bass/mid 35w rms
1x 5 inch bass/mid 35w rms
4x rectangular metal framed soft dome tweeters
4x round metal framed soft dome tweeters
2x 4.5 inch 35w rms bass/mid
1x Eminence Kappa Pro 12

Quite alot of drivers, but was only £95 the lot, so thought why not.
Annoying that the no name drivers with no specifications came with the Fane drivers as a set or wouldn't have bought them.

I already got 1 spare Eminence APT80 sitting around as well.

Are the drivers without specifications plain useless? As at least the dome tweeters don't normally get crossed over below 1.8khz.

So to be safe I could cross them over as high as 3.5khz or 5khz, the only thing I don't know is their sensitivity. Their impedance can be figured out with a multimeter.

The ideas I come up with so far is making hifi floor standing speakers with 2x Fane Studio 5FR in each, and maybe use a crossover at 5khz and use 1 or 2 of those metal framed soft dome tweeters each.

Or use 1x Fane Studio 5FR with the metal framed soft dome tweeters and a 5khz crossover to make a set of front and rear speakers for home cinema.

Or 4x Fane 5FR and 1x Eminence APT80 and 5khz crossover and make a very compact slap/kick bass cabinet for guitar.

The no name drivers could use in a 12v or so portable boombox/boomblaster/ghettoblaster. And the other Fane drivers..

Not sure what I'll use the Eminence Kappa Pro 12(old version of 450w rms NOT the 500w rms new version) in, not good enough for a sub only has 4.8mm xmax and doesn't go that deep at only 57hz .
Could be a very compact pa bass bin to go with my 2x 10's + horn mid/tops as they prob won't get lower than 100hz.
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As no one has replied......

I managed to sell the Eminence APT80 and Eminence Kappa Pro 12 as they weren't any use to me.....
Still got the rest. of the drivers.
Update: Managed to sell the pretty useless Fane Classic 8-75, as was no use to me.
The Fane Studio 5M is hardly much use to me at all, will be very hard to sell I bet being just 1 of them. But you never know if someone has another one..

I'll be going the boombox/boomblaster/ghettoblaster way with them except the Fane Studio 5M.

These gave me some inspirations:

And also this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBmM2X78MYE

Amp choices will be either any of these:

Or the this is even better: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lepai-LP-A6USB-Stereo-Amplifier-Supply/dp/B00898SXQ8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1350989231&sr=8-3
As it has usb and sd card slots,radio, 4x 45w into 4 ohms, rca and mini jack out, so could plug my iphone/ipod/mp3 player in there as well.

Power source will be a combination this:

Much safer and much much lighter than having to charge either potential dangerous lithium-ion batteries or very heavy and also dangerous lead acid deep cycle batteries(which create hydrogen gas when charging in an enclosed confined space).
And £19.70 with free charger doesn't seem bad at all for a 12v 6800mAh lithium-polymer battery which isn't just a bare cell which has it's protection circuitry built in.

Should I put/need a 12v fuse or 12v miniture circuit breaker(of the correct value) in line with the power connection to be on the safe side?

Now the designs:
First case is for a heavyweight case for camping,festivals such as glastonbury,reading,download,even a few free parties where there is no source of mains electricity,etc.

The big box will consist of.
The 4x Fane Studio 5FR fullrange drivers I'll be using with 4x piezo tweeters, I'll buy as the sensitivity of piezos will match the 93db at 1w/1m sensitivity of the Fane drivers.
As piezos generally sound harsh a friend that uses piezos to put a non polarized 4.7uF capacitor in series and a 18 Ohm resistor in parallel with each tweeter, to tame them a bit.
The big box will either be made from a modified empty wooden ammo trunk, wine crate or similar.
Or I can make it out of 15mm birch plywood.
Complete with grilles,etc.

The retro case(similar looking to the Boomcase designs). Will be used for home,holiday use(within the uk) and small camping trips.
Will consist of the 2x 4.5 inch yellow kelvar coned unbranded bass/mid drivers, and two of the square unbranded dome tweeters at the front.
2x rectangular unbranded dome tweeters on each side, and the 2x 5 inch unbranded mismatched bass/mids on the other side with the two unbraded dome tweeters.
Hopefully it won't sound like crap....
As the only things I know about the bass/mids is they are 35w rms each and every driver is 8 ohms.
It will only be a sealed design, as with unknown drivers a ported design can make them sound terrible or even destroy the drivers.

As they are all hifi type speakers in the 2nd design the sensitivity shouldn't be way off..... As for the important crossover frequency for the tweeters so I don't blow them, hifi tweeters are never above 2khz normally, so a 2 way 2.5khz crossover should be fine....
Not decent quality by far, but remember this is on a low budget and doesn't have to sound hifi, just is for a ghettoblaster type application.

As for the case itself a retro looking hard wood lined suitcase is what I'll be using.

The only issues now is building at least one of them before the really cold weather sets in..... I could build them indoors, but then I'll need to buy a portable workbench first....
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So how did that turn out? I use pretty much the same power and amp for my backpack speaker, but having battery issues. I contacted Boomcase people to try to buy one of their amp/battery setups but no reply.
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You could mount them all on a single baffle and make a giant box that housed them all. Run them mono from a bridged amp and assume typical specs for each driver (guess) put a cell phone dock on top and make a big portable PA music outdoor patio speaker. That might be cool for a bunch of drivers and no use for them..
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