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Digital_Chris's Avatar Digital_Chris 04:17 PM 11-06-2012
Hey there, I posted this on the IB forum but with the little bit of activity over there on top of my anxiousness, I figured it wouldn't hurt to post here too smile.gif

If you;ve been following my buid thread (shh no talking), you may have read of my problems. I have been told that it would best to locate two of my IB driver in the rear of the room and the only placement option is the rear Equipment closet. Here are a few pictures...

Best shot of the whole room...





And this is inside to the right where I wil put a smaller rack for the equipment.


The manifold, if made, will go down near the outlets in the 2nd stud bay nearest to the left wall. If I mount the drivers vertically, the magnet on the left driver will be about 4-5" from the wall, will this be as bad as having a baffle behind it like if it were in a box? I'm not sure how to mount them horizontally in a manifold but even if I could, the driver would obscure my outlets and also be near the floor. If this is not an option at all, I could do an array like originally planned but it would much more entailed.

On top of the wall being an issue, is the room even a good candidate for a IB chamber being open to the rest of the basement but not technically infinite baffled?

So those are my two questions, driver next to wall and the equipment closet a workable space for the IB's.

Thanks smile.gif

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