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krassyg's Avatar krassyg 11:04 AM 12-03-2012
I need to make an on wall low profile speaker(concrete wall) What is the lowest profile midrange that is decent?

4DHD's Avatar 4DHD 12:13 PM 12-03-2012
What does the wall being concrete have to do with anything? No matter what the wall is constructed with has no bearing on how deep a speaker is.
I personally would not make any speaker box less than 5" deep, so most any midrange driver will work.
krassyg's Avatar krassyg 01:08 PM 12-03-2012
I mentioned concrete wall as to rule out in-wall suggestions. The speakers need to be about 2" deep for LED TV; that is why I am looking for low profile mids. I am leaning towards these; they are a bit pricey though since I would need 4 drivers per speaker:


Anything else that i should be looking at?
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