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penngray's Avatar penngray 11:08 AM 12-22-2012
To all those building incredible DIY speakers


bass addict's Avatar bass addict 11:34 AM 12-22-2012
Originally Posted by penngray View Post

To all those building incredible DIY speakers

LOL. And screw the rest of you. biggrin.gif
pgwalsh's Avatar pgwalsh 11:50 AM 12-22-2012
Merry Christmas to you all as well.

Enjoying my Christmas Ale this morning. Just tapped it, so had to try it. At 9% ABV, it's going to be a very merry christmas.
Scott Simonian's Avatar Scott Simonian 03:19 PM 12-22-2012
Penn!!! You've come back! Woooo!

Happy holidays to you, sir. Hope you and the fam are doing well. smile.gif

Please stay. redface.gif
Jay1's Avatar Jay1 04:53 PM 12-22-2012
Penngray! Merry Xmas
robotbunny's Avatar robotbunny 08:15 PM 12-22-2012
Merry Christmas!

Welcome back penngray!
lilmike's Avatar lilmike 10:46 AM 12-24-2012
Good to see ya penngray!

Merry Christmas!
tuxedocivic's Avatar tuxedocivic 12:01 PM 12-24-2012
Wow, nice to see you here. Merry Christmas.
Mike Garrett's Avatar Mike Garrett 07:20 PM 12-24-2012
Hi Penn, Merry Christmas.You really should try out the SEOS wave guide.
ufokillerz's Avatar ufokillerz 08:22 PM 12-24-2012
Hey Penn, ever build crossovers for the tannoy v8s?
maxmercy's Avatar maxmercy 09:00 PM 12-24-2012

Great to see you are still around, happy holidays to you as well!

Hopefully soho54 will make an appearance as well....

Thanks to everyone here who has helped me out in the diy audio realm. I have learned so much here.

Tom Bley's Avatar Tom Bley 09:37 PM 12-24-2012
Merry Christmas, Penngray! smile.gif
baniels's Avatar baniels 06:06 AM 12-25-2012
Merry Christmas. Stick around!
louisdamani's Avatar louisdamani 08:51 AM 12-25-2012
Happy Holidays Penn! Good to see!(read!)
bossobass 05:44 PM 12-25-2012
Pennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. cool.gif