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hardwired's Avatar hardwired 12:16 PM 12-28-2012
I am planning to build a scanspeak 2-way design and the cabinet plans called for 1"MDF. The local Lowes and Home Depot only carry 3/4" max. The lumber outlets also only stock 3/4" MDF or Baltic Birch. One lumber yard had 3/4" Baltic Birch ply in stock for $60 for the standard 5'x5' sheet.

I can order 1" MDF but will take at least a week.
Can I get away with 3/4" MDF? This is for a tower roughly 42"Hx8.5"Wx12"D with bracing.

I have some 1/2" MDF I suppose I could cut and glue to the sides of the 3/4" MDF and make the cabinet slightly taller if its worthwhile.

What do you guys think?
Cost is $33 for 3/4" MDF 4x8 sheet, $50 for 1" MDF 4x8 sheet special order, $60 for 3/4" Baltic Birch 5'x5' sheet.

ack_bk's Avatar ack_bk 12:42 PM 12-28-2012
You should have no problem with 3/4" MDF. I would just make sure you have a good brace or two and you should be good to go. Lots of subs built with 1/2" plywood and bracing and there are no issues.
brian6751's Avatar brian6751 06:30 PM 12-28-2012
If the plans call for 1" I would order the 1". I would also rather wait than double up the 1/2. Just work time wasted IMO.

One more week is nothing. Do it right the first time. You'll be glad you did.
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