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Awesome thread Mr. Matt! I actually have some MFW-15 drivers that I never ended up building as I have duel (at the moment) Dayton HO18's in a pair of full sized MartySubs, however, your build with the Dayton DVC's has inspired me to build something for them!

You are da-man!
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Originally Posted by mtg90 View Post
Recent acquisitions:

I am going to be using a Bridged EV AP2600 for each sub (~1000w @ 4 ohms), then the Altec 9446A will handle the L/R (650w/channel @ 4 ohms) and one of the Altec 9444's will be bridged powering the center (1000w @ 4 ohms). I have three Altec 9444's so I could in theory bridge them and have the LCR each on it's own 1000w amp but unfortunately I don't have the space for seven 3U amps.

Here is where they are mounted:

Now with all those amps I decided to run some extra power to the HT. I ran a 10awg line off a 30amp circuit in the main panel that feeds into this small load center which spits into two 20 amp circuits. One will be dedicated to the subs while the other runs the speaker amps, AVR and other source devices. While it is possible the 30 amp breaker at the main panel could trip before either of these I have a feeling if anything is going to trip it will be 20 amp breaker running the subs.

The next problem was how to trigger all of the amps to turn on separately so that the surge current does not trip any breakers. At the same time triggering the sub amps to power up after then miniDSP and shut off before it in order to prevent any turn on/off thump from the miniDSP itself. I searched a while for sequencing devices that could do this but they were big bucks for the 20 amp options and I would need one for each circuit. I decided to cheap out and go the manual way, DIY plug in breakout boxes with light switches. Each amp is on it's own switch so I can power them up and down separately and these should have no trouble handling all that current:

Everything plugged in:

Finally switches mounted on the equipment shelf, I've since added labels:
call me stupid MTG90, but I thought those Dayton DVC's were only 350 watt RMS drivers (power handling wise).... isnt tossing 1000 watts going to fry them?
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I doubt I'll be cooking any voice coils, I don't listen to full power sine waves. Any sizable amount of power through the coils will be relatively short term, if something is going to give it will be the spider like the one on the previous page. The extra power is useful as headroom in the upper bass.
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Where did you get the amps ?


"Too much is almost enough. Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards."
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I got the Altec 9446 from the PE tent sale back in 2013, the rest from eBay over the past year or so.

I currently have:
1 Altec 9442A
3 Altec 9444B's
1 Altec 9446A
4 EV AP2600A's (EV rebadge of 9444B's)

The 9442, two of the 9444's and a 2600 I purchased as parts/repair for very little, shipping was as much or more then the cost of the amp. Only the 9444's had any issues one was a fairly easy inexpensive fix. The other was more difficult to diagnose, a channel would randomly go into protect, finally found the thermistor used for the over temp cutoff on that channel had a cold solder joint. The other amps the sellers could not test to verify working condition which is why they sold them for parts/repair.

In all the amps I am using except the 9446 I replaced the original fan which had become pretty noisy with some new ball baring ones. The fans (both original and the replacements) are 120v AC which makes it easy to mod to slow them down, I just placed a small 1.8uf cap in front of them which cuts the AC voltage without sucking up any power. They have a thermal switch on the heat sink so that will trigger and bypass the cap (and original low speed resistor) if that gets too warm.

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"If you look close you can see I built them as mirror images on one another."

haha... that was actually the first thing that i noticed (or is that expected?). :-)

the bass cabs are really nice. as you know, getting the right dimensions for an overall balanced look can be tricky. that said, it looks like you really nailed it with this set. -two thumbs up-

Listen. It's All Good.
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