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shivaji's Avatar shivaji 02:48 PM 01-06-2013
I have a subwoofer from the long defunct Adire audio. I bought if from them new and it is called the Rava. It is a sealed 18" square box with a 250 watt plate amp and their Shiva driver. Still works just fine, though I toy with the idea upgrading its capabilities just for fun. my velodyne SMS gives it quite a bit of boost in the 20hz range. Anyone have any ideas on adding a more powerful amp to it for more extension down low. Or should I scrap both amp and driver and use the box for something more interesting. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Jay1's Avatar Jay1 03:12 PM 01-06-2013
Sounds like the Rava, I still have one that works which I bought 10 years ago smile.gif

Google Shiva vented alignments and there should be a pdf with multiple cabinet plans. If the amp works its gtg
Splicer010's Avatar Splicer010 03:55 PM 01-06-2013
Put a more powerful amp in that sealed enclosure and that driver will bottom right out. I had one for a spell and couldn't have been less thrilled with a sub. But that's just me. That was when I decided to build my own subs from then on out. I paid $400 for the Rava (used) and extremely fortunate to have gotten most back. BUt using Parts Express, I build MUCH BETTER subs than I would be willing to spend on a ready built sub. Again, that's just me...wink.gif
wth718's Avatar wth718 04:07 PM 01-06-2013
The Shiva is a really good little driver-my brother has one right now and I'll be using it for a compact bedroom sub in a couple weeks. Be careful of the plans they provide, tho. We used one of their recommended sealed boxes and it was fine....until Audyssey did its thing. If you want any type of eq on it, you'll need a much smaller box.
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