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Lux's Avatar Lux 09:38 PM 01-10-2013
I am looking to build a pair of nice bookshelf speakers. I have a pair of Overnight Sensations in my bedroom, and now I want to build up something a little bigger and use the OS at my computer. A pair of bookshelf speakers with a 5 to 6.5 inch woofer and tweeter sound great. But I don't know what's out there in this size range.

I heard several bookshelf speakers in a Magnolia room in Best Buy. Energy CB-20's sounded great to me, as well as a set of B&W speakers. Can I match or exceed the audio quality with a DIY build?


Jay1's Avatar Jay1 10:13 PM 01-10-2013
Budget? You can definitely stomp what's available at best buy.

I'm gonna guess around $350. The ZX Spectrum should be a good fit if you're a fan of the overnights
Lux's Avatar Lux 04:21 AM 01-11-2013
Budget. Hmmm. $350 is the top. Less is better. $200 to $250 is best.

Those Hi-Vi M6a woofers look very nice...
Jay1's Avatar Jay1 08:26 AM 01-11-2013
Lux's Avatar Lux 09:41 AM 01-11-2013
I am looking to make a pair of stereo speakers. Some of these look like they are for HT use with a sub. This build will be subless for music.
Jay1's Avatar Jay1 02:49 PM 01-11-2013
Any of those will reach below 60hz ( the swope tm would need a ported box). If you're placing these near boundaries, the Aviatrix above will have very good bass to 40hz. You didnt specify a low frequency goal, only a woofer size and price. Other then the ZX Spectrum, some other options with deeper bass...
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