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benunc's Avatar benunc 11:44 AM 01-23-2013
I want to order some cables for the subs I'll be building and not sure how I'll need to wire everything so would appreciate some guidance. I have an EP4000 and BFD I intend to use. From what I've seen, sounds like I'll run a cable from the AVR to the BFD, then cable from BFD to the AMP, and then wires from amp to the DIY subs. If I run the signal into the amp's 1/4" Input 1, would I run a cable from the amp's XLR Input 1 to XLR Input 2 in order to use both channels on the amp?...Or do I need to Y split the cable and send the signal into the amp's Input 1 and 2. Here's a diagram of what I'm thinking?

Related question, could I use the BFD to EQ all 4 subs if I use one channel for the DIY 18s and another channel for the Epiks?...Just Y split the signal from the BFD to the Epiks?

benunc's Avatar benunc 06:56 AM 01-24-2013
Anyone? I'm going to order everything from monoprice today and was hoping someone could confirm the setup to ensure I buy the right cables.
andy497's Avatar andy497 07:20 AM 01-24-2013
As far as the EP4000, whether you wire it stereo or bridged, you only need a single input. The dip switches will allow you to select "parallel" to include both sides of the amp. I'm not positive about the bfd, but I don't see why not.

In a pinch, RCA to TRS connectors are available at Radio Shack if you get ready to wire and you're missing something.
BassThatHz's Avatar BassThatHz 12:19 PM 01-24-2013
Yes you will need a mono TRS to dual RCA spliter.

You could even route output 2 from the avr to the eq input 2 (if you want to, like if that gains to something useful like 9.2 processing or whatnot).
benunc's Avatar benunc 07:55 AM 01-25-2013
Thanks, placed the order...might have gotten a couple more cables than needed but they're so cheap, I don't mind having some laying around for the future.

I think I will try using one channel of the BFD for the Epiks and the other for the DIY subs; I hadn't considered that originally but don't suppose there will be any benefit to individually EQing each DIY sub since they'll be identical and also EQ'd with XT32 together anyways.
BassThatHz's Avatar BassThatHz 06:45 PM 01-26-2013
It offers more flexibility, especially if you place them in different spots and/or have a large number of seats you need to average the EQ'ed sound across.
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