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bbarnes1's Avatar bbarnes1 11:26 AM 01-24-2013
Hey guys,

My E250P is starting to have amp problems, the typical intermittent static and power on/off issues. Anyways i want to put in a new amp. I figure a 250 watt RMS amp from parts express will do the trick. But then i started thinking, what else could i improve. Maybe a $50ish dayton 12 driver and some polyfill in the box. Is this worth it?

I was playing with WinISD and it appears the box is tuned to about 30hz. 1.67 cubic feet with a 9x3 flared port. Is there any point in trying to tune the small enclosure lower? Will that result in any more extension?


Jay1's Avatar Jay1 10:49 PM 01-24-2013
What's the outer diameter of the current woofer? Can you fit a longer port?
bbarnes1's Avatar bbarnes1 07:53 AM 01-25-2013
the cut out is just about 11in. I think i could get a longer port in there, but not too much without a bend.
Jay1's Avatar Jay1 01:23 PM 01-25-2013
A bend is fine. The trickiest part might be getting a new port to match up with your current port cutout. Do you have something like a jig saw?
Jay1's Avatar Jay1 06:18 PM 01-25-2013
Anyway, if you can find a way to use PVC pipe for a port, you can use a long sweep 90 degree fitting like this

Get the 3" port to 21", and you'll have a tune closer to 23hz. That will work well with the Dayton 250 watt amp and its 20hz HPF. The cutout is 11", but what is the woofers outer flange total width? This Infinity 1260 would work pretty well if it fits, better then anything PE sells for under $100
bbarnes1's Avatar bbarnes1 11:16 AM 01-31-2013
Just purchased a Bash 500 and Dayton MKiii titanic 12. Cuz i found sweet deals. Hopefully this will have more output then the jbl speaker/amp. I can play with sealed vs ported and port length.

I'm planning on building a new enclosure down the road and like the way this combo models in WinISD pro.
bbarnes1's Avatar bbarnes1 06:33 AM 02-06-2013
Put the Dayton in the JBL enclosure and hooked it up to the JBL amp. Either my old speaker was bad or this is a placebo effect..... but it sounds better, fuller, deeper
bbarnes1's Avatar bbarnes1 07:16 AM 02-06-2013
Also, there is a slight buzz with the new woofer old amp combo. Will this damage the titanic? I'm leaving it off unless i'm using it......
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