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Hey guys,

My wife has given me "free" reign over the basement... as long as it's clean. Meaning no visible cables or huge speakers, be it floor standing or large bookshelf speakers. With that said, here's what I have to work with.

My basement measures roughly 30'x25' with 9' ceilings. The TV and front speakers are about 20' away from the sitting area. For this size room, I think I'm pretty content on a 5.1 system. I visited a Bose store a few months back and sat through the V35 demo. I must say, I was quite enthused and walked away with my mind set on purchasing the system. An immediate "ignorant, ill-informed, mass-market consumer" that was willing to dump $3300 right off the bat. It sounded great and the speakers were small. Which was definitely a check mark in the wife approved column.

Then... there was avsforum. And boy do you guys hate Bose. And after reading the facts, man was I blind! And probably deaf as well. I think I've pretty much gotten over the Bose infatuation... now my dilemma... where do I go from here?

My setup will mostly be used for sporting events and movies. Also, a few gaming sessions (currently PS3) here and there. Here's what I'd like to accomplish:

Speakers - smaller than the standard bookshelf speakers; I'd like for the front left/right to be the same size as the rear left/right and the center speaker to be somewhat comparable in size. How do you feel about in-wall/in-ceiling mounted speakers? And is wireless even an option? I did check out the HIW-1 HSU Speaker. Any feedback on HSU and their products?

Receiver - very good quality with at least 5.1 and 3D capabilities. Interested in the Denon AVR1713. Will that be enough or do I need more oomph?

Subs - love the bass... Looked at the HSU VTF-2 MK4. Again, I don't know too much about their equipment or how it performs.

Just a lot of options out there that's a bit overwhelming and I just want a solid, great sounding system that I can enjoy for years to come.

I'd surely appreciate any feedback or suggestions you guys may have. I have a $3500 budget for the Surround Sound setup, mainly because of the Bose system, but if I could stay between 2-3000, that might help me achieve yet another check mark in the wife column!

Thanks for your time spent on reading this, and even more so, if you reply back.

Have a good one!
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Yeah, you dodged the bullet on the Bose stuff. You might have more success/feedback by posting in some of the other forums. This is the DIY forum, and I'm assuming that's not the route you want to take.

Here's the Speaker forum
The Receiver forum
And Subwoofer forum

Reading your post, you have a very large area to fill with sound. Depending on your goals for subwoofer performance, you might want to revisit the DIY area for that portion, at least. But much depends on your performance goals.
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Excellent... thank you for the info wth718!
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You can do some simply amazing things with $3500 DIY. But small with very high WAF isn't really the sweet spot for DIY. But for your consideration...

Smallish...killer surrounds or small mains

What your mains should be...(

Subs...a hundred options...just pick a size and cost....get two.

High efficiency designs to get the most out of your HTR. Pro audio components to last a lifetime. Got to be willing to get your hands dirty. You've got a big room and your wife is only going to let you do this once.....don't screw it up.

Excellent 5.2 system for ~$2000....$3000 counting a nice AVR.

Think about it.

Good luck!
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Bose sized speakers from 20' away in a big room ain't gonna do it. In fact, I would personally get a projector over that 80" LCD. Something to consider with your budget is a acoustically transparent projector screen with a false wall. That way you can build CORRECT sized speakers and they will be completely out of sight behind the screen.

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If you can do a false wall you would be able to have an absolute KILLER system with no wires or speakers or subs in site.

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Well, They are relatively small, decent WAF, and surprisingly sensative for a bookshelf speaker. They also use horns and have some decent directivity. I have heard them in person and was suitibly impressed. Dr. Hsu is definately an enthusiast 1st and a buisinessman 2nd IMO. And on paper they certainly check the right boxes.

I think the HSU research satellites would possibly meet your goals for speakers. They are $150 each, which should save you plenty of room for subwoofers.

Just a thought:
5 HSU satellites: $750 (could definately use their CC, if you orient it vertically)
4x Dayton DVC385-88 Subwoofers $500
Inuke 6000 DSP $450
Receiver: Marantz SR5007 or something similar $700
Cables and wiring: $200 Monoprice / BlueJeans cable
Thats... way under budget, which allows you to have the Sub boxes built by a local carpenter/woodworker. 2 Dual-Opposed sealed boxes around 5 cubic feet...
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Since you're in the DIY section are you perhaps thinking about building speakers? These will blow anything out of the water at 4-5X the price:

Or as suggested you could do a false wall with three large speakers behind the screen and use for surrounds four of the smaller ones I linked to above. That will easily fill your large space and not require a whole lot of power.

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HSU makes great subs, I have a slightly smaller version of that VTF (in a smaller room) and it's incredible for movies. I actually have a friend with the top-spec Bose 5.1 system and he almost fell out of his chair the first time he heard the bass coming out of my HSU. I'm not your typical Bose hater, I think there are actually some clever design choices that go into their speakers that make them very easy to place and enjoy for the average consumer, but their "acoustimass module" is useless below ~80Hz which means you miss out on literally ALL of the deep, visceral bass. If you haven't heard the HSU or any other big sub like it yet, prepare to be shocked.

The system djkest suggested would be pretty nice, but I would personally spend more on the subs (or even get two higher quality ones vs the four Daytons) since you have more room in your budget and I personally prefer Denon receivers over Marantz at this price.

Since you're in the DIY section, are you interested in building speakers or did you mean to post this somewhere else? Any speakers you buy have a huge markup (I've heard 500% is not uncommon) so you'll get waaayy more bang for your buck if you're willing to build your own or use an existing design.
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