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splotten's Avatar splotten 01:18 PM 12-05-2013

Just look at the European pricing on the Dayton stuff. For instance the 18HO is 420 euros in Germany plus shipping. That equates to 570 USD eek.gif I guess its paid for then.

eXa's Avatar eXa 12:45 AM 12-06-2013
How about jetcarrier or similar? I know alot of people in Norway use that to get cheaper shipping or get stuff from vendors who doesnt ship international.
(I have no idea if there is something similar available for Poland)
John_E_Janowitz's Avatar John_E_Janowitz 08:51 AM 12-06-2013
We have had some people work with Jetcarrier to Norway, Sweden and Denmark with good results. Fedex allows us to ship anywhere, where services like Jetcarrier are central to one area. There may be similar services in other countries, but it is hard to be aware of these things. If there are services out there we can use to save the customer money, we are happy to look into that. We are also happy to allow the customer to arrange pickup with any service they may have access to themselves as well.
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