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Let me start off by saying that this is my first build which wasn't easy as I didn't get a lot of help on this forum (except for LTD02 and I thank him for that) and had to sign up on audioholics as there was a nice mod named annunaki who would be able to answer all my questions regarding my build as he did a few builds with JL subs for car and HT.

No lets move on...

I know I know, I've heard it here before on this forum JL subs suck as they're overprice... I could've done better with the same amount of money... Yada yada yada... smile.gif To be honest, I had these subs for 5 or 7 years (I can't remember) and have NEVER used them. I originally bought them for my car but never got around to installing them so they sat in my closet in boxes as I thought that there were no HT amps that would go down to 3 ohms with any decent amount of power. About 6 months ago I decided to do a yahoo search to see if I could use them in my condo and found a thread or two on this board, as well as, a few other websites but most were only inquiries that never became anything. Once I discovered the DIY section here on AVSforum it would only go downhill from there. I discovered that there were a few amps that would be able to power these small beasts so I waited and scored a mint Crown XLS2500 amp for $340. In November I decided to start the build with the help of a fellow retired friend who unintentionally would do most of the building for me as my Calculus class would literally kick my a$$ for the rest of that semester as it's been 7 years since I had a math class and jumping straight into Calculus would be a challenge. Fast forward a few weeks ago and the project is FINALLY done! smile.gif


I built a 24" cube with 3/4" walls and a 1.5" front. After bracing, port, and speaker displacement I will have ~4.5^3 ft. of available space with a 4"x10"x48" port which will give me ~21HZ tune. With the crown amp that I'm using it'll put out 775 watts @ 4 Ohms. With these specification I should get roughly 111dB at 20Hz and 113dB from 22Hz and up with a 19Hz 4th Order HPF. This is my first sub but from what I understand that isn't too shabby for a single 10" sub. I'm building two so you can add ~6dB to each of those numbers to give 117dB at 20Hz. That should sound pretty nice I would think. smile.gif I have a balanced MiniDSP for HPF and EQ.

One Sub:

Two Subs:


All I have is a radio shack (33-2055) spl meter so there's no measurement charts. I created some -0dbfs sine waves to be played back on my HTPC starting from 15Hz and going up to 95Hz in 5Hz increments and recorded the information. Here's what I got with my Onkyo Processor at -10dB, all bass settings at 0 and the crown pots at 3 o'clock (75% up). The MiniDSP is set up at:

HPF: 19Hz BW 36dB/oct
LPF: 110HZ BW 36dB/oct

20 88
25 87
30 87
35 87
40 88
45 90
50 90
55 86
60 83
65 82
70 83
75 83
80 82
85 80
90 77

HZ dB (Eq'd with 47Hz Gain -3 Q6)
20 88
25 87
30 87
35 86
40 87
45 87
50 88
55 85
60 83
65 82
70 83
75 83
80 82
85 80
90 77

I don't know if any of these MiniDSP settings are correct as WinISD's HPF setting for my sub is a 19Hz 4th order crossover but I don't know what that equates to in the MiniDSP as it's different but the subs haven't blown up yet so I must be ok. If someone can help me optimize my subs a little better I'd appreciate it. biggrin.gif


My goal was to try to get a rosewood stain and somewhat match my Boston towers.

Super old Craftsman router that I borrow from my grandfather-in-law.

Quarter-Round trim molding.

First time staining. As with anything it should go better the next time around...

My living room.

This is the sub that I was using. The box was designed for a 1993 Ford Ranger regular cab which was my first car in 1995. I think it originally housed the original 10W1's. I still love the old skool JL subs with the logo on the dust cap.
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Audiophile, NICE FRICKIN JOB!!!! Those boxes look AWESOME eek.gif Man, you really did a killer job on putting those together and the finish looks IMMACULATE!!! I hope when I get around to doing a build that it looks HALF as good as yours!!!
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congratulations on your build and nice write up.

the subs actually kind of look at home with those mains. the color is a surprisingly good match all things considered.

that frequency response data is so much easier to grasp as pictures.

blue = raw, red = eq'd.

i'd say if you like the way the rising bottom end sounds, then you are pretty much good to go. nothing leaps out as being particularly bad about that response. in fact, it looks quite good.

the driver looks a little small on the cabs, but that probably just adds to the fun when you fire them up. :-)

Listen. It's All Good.
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Wow those cabinets look absolutely amazing! I have always wondered how the JL w7's would perform in a home theater environment. I used to have a pair of 10w7's that I used in my car, and I actually inquired about putting them in a nice, big, ported box for my theater room, but, was told that I would be better off selling them and going with a pair of MFW-15's, so that is what I did. I still can't help but wonder how they would have sounded!

I wonder if the JL 13w7 would be a good home theater performer in either large ported or sealed enclosure?
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How does it sound? What kind/brand of stain did you use? I would like to use that same exact stain on my cabinet. I love the color. Also, what kind of wood did you use?
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