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dbldare's Avatar dbldare 10:46 PM 05-09-2013
Ok. So I've got a pair of eD190v.2's still in their boxes and an EP4000 to power them. I was looking to build something for the home theater, but I've already got the low end pretty well covered in there, so I thought about building something with them for live sound. I'm a FOH guy and I thought I should put these things to use. I've seen several builds; a couple with sonotubes (thanks MK) and some with dual subs in the same box. I'm looking more for a couple separate boxes (L & R) to use on stage. Can you guys give me some simple dimensions (square / rectangle) for these guys? If I remember correctly they are the dual 4 Ohm models. I'll have to check on that. I'm not near them right now.



Jay1's Avatar Jay1 11:05 PM 05-09-2013
I cant find the ts parameters for that woofer anymore. Do you have the spec sheet with the sub?
MKtheater's Avatar MKtheater 11:13 PM 05-09-2013
I have them in my winisd at the office. Besides why not build a sealed sub and HP it at 30hz or something? Maybe one of the guys can build you a tapped or folded horn for it? That would get you the most output with the least power but a EP-4000 is plenty for it in a sealed box anyways.
Looneybomber's Avatar Looneybomber 01:09 AM 05-10-2013
I had a 19Ov.2 back in the day. I later sold it without using it. Waste right? What I was going to do, was put it in a ~12ft enclosure tuned to 15hz. Extrapolating from that, if you did 6-7ft tuned to 30hz, that should get you in the ballpark.

Also, what is "FOH"?
dbldare's Avatar dbldare 07:19 AM 05-12-2013
Thanks for the replies guys. I'm sorry I didn't respond quicker. I guess I shouldn't have posted it right before mom's day weekend. We are out of town so I didn't get a chance before now.

MK I agree with you about some sort of horn for them would be nice, but you're also correct when you say that a ep4000 is plenty. I think I just want to keep it simple for now and go with something sealed or ported. I don't have the T/S anymore either, but I can did around when I get back to town.

Looney - FOH stands for Front Of House. It's a live audio term. Basically they will be a part of the main left and right speakers in a live concert type setting.

Thanks again guys.

Happy mom's day.

Looneybomber's Avatar Looneybomber 07:34 AM 05-12-2013
I was able to find these TSP's on a version of WinISD on my USB travel drive.

Qes: 0.370
Qms: 7.500
Qts: 0.353 (calculated)
Fs: 26

Mms: 307g
Cms: 0.1221mm/N (calculated)
Re: 3.603 (calculated)
BL: 22.1Tm
Sd: 1200cm^2
xmax: 22mm
Pe: 1100w

Using those numbers, a 6ft box tuned to 30hz is flat to 40hz with a -3dB at 30hz.
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