Destruction of "Cheap Thrills" 300w 15inch mid-woofer with 8000W into 8-ohm :) - AVS Forum
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She was ok at -15db (120watts RMS for 48 seconds) , but at -12db (240watts RMS for 60seconds) the dust cap started to deform.

At -10db (800watts RMS for 19 seconds) she was starting to get stinky and rips in the dust cap occurred. I had to abort because of the smell, but she was just moments away from flames when I hit the stop button.
I think I even saw the level burst up to 3000watts for an instant there. eek.gif
I have my iTech on a 40amp breaker at 240v, so the party was just getting started.

In any case, now you know how much xmax you can get from it before it becomes permanently damaged.
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Well you destroyed the thing, might as well take it out to the garage and nuke it for fun :P
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Should have thrown it in a box to see what kind of power it actually could have taken!!!
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I feel sad, it should be resting in a nice JC Penney speaker from the 80's......... :0)
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"Too much is almost enough. Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards."
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Oh man that song brings back clubbing memories. I turned 21 shortly after that song was released. If memory serves me, the high bass note is centered at 40hz and the low one is centered at 30hz.

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