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I'm building two SI 18" subs in 4cu ft flat packs, for a single closed off 1500 cu ft room. Since the room is so small, the sheer excess of these subs is solely to try and get usable extension down to 10Hz and below, hopefully.

I'm trying to do this without overspending, and so I've settled on the iNuke3000 DSP for the amp. However, I've heard anecdotally that there's a roll-off somewhere below 20Hz, which makes it a bad candidate for my purposes. I looked around and found these tests: (First graph on that page) (lilmike's post #14; also the guy with the text table saying he didn't get a 10Hz reading) (Post #9, showing dropoff in output as you go lower to 20 and 10Hz)

I'm really not that technically competent, however to me it's saying the roll-off isn't bad at all? But I see people who no doubt have competence in this area saying it has a roll-off. And then the fact the guy in the second link couldn't get a 10Hz reading was a bit worrying.

As a FYI, an SI 18" driver is rated for 600W RMS, and I've read at Data-Bass that they don't like going over that power. iNuke3000 and the EP4000 both put out about 2000W in 4ohm bridged config, however I'm not sure if the iNuke can sustain that for frequencies below 20Hz and 10Hz/below especially.

So, if my goal is to reach down to the single digit frequencies, is an iNuke 3000 enough? Or should I go to the EP4000 (+MiniDSP), which is apparently either flat or only down -3dB at 5Hz (I forget which one)? I am trying to save money with the iNuke, but if going with the iNuke contradicts my objective then I'll go with the EP4000.
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There are enough tests out there to validate that the EP will get you more power lower down than the inuke. I have almost the identical setup-2 18 SI's, an EP2500 and minidsp in about 1500 cubes. i measure flat to 5-6 Hz.
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Not sure anyone is doing it, but don't confuse rolloff at 10 Hz with max power output at 10 Hz.

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I'm flat to 10hz (-3db) in room with the inuke3000 (no dsp). It doesn't seem to roll off, atleast with input sensitivity. Like all amps, it's max sustained wattage wont be as much down at 10hz as 1000hz. My 18's are ported though (tuned for 15hz). You have an advantage down at 10hz versus my setup. Basically, the inuke3000 should be enough for you.

With that said, now that I have 10hz capability, I have to say it's sort of overrated. My house won't hold up to 10hz and below at reference volume. It knocks the projector out of line and I have to readjust it. The enclosures are too damn big and can't be moved around. The ceiling moves. Everything moves.

My point is, you're stressing over the least important frequencies to everyone except very few home theater bass geeks. I would put more effort into good clean output above 20hz and placement to allow for good seat to seat response.

All said and done though, the tactile feedback offered by those 10hz tones is an experience you will never get at a concert or pro Cinema. MKTheater describes this airwave of bass that hits you. I've never felt that before this setup. It's something biggrin.gif
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Another thing to be cognizant of is what Bossobass is always trying to teach folks - your entire signal chain is just as important as the 2nd to last step (output from the amp). Your disc player, your avr/preamp, your EQ, and your amp will all have rolloff. It's good to get an amp with minimal rolloff (the EP2500/4000 has been vetted as pretty good to ~5hz, iirc), but the point may be moot if your entire chain prior to that is down 15dB at 5Hz.
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Just wanted to let you guys know that I have an EP4000 for sale for a really good price. I will probably list it in the classifieds this afternoon. If you are interested then please feel free to email me.
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