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chalugadp's Avatar chalugadp 01:34 PM 11-15-2013
Mine took a few hours and some minor placement moves to shine.

LTD02's Avatar LTD02 02:01 PM 11-15-2013
Originally Posted by Atredeis View Post

MartySubs are done and online.



"First listening impression... be careful with the gain knob. Made my eyes cross with some EDM....."




LTD02's Avatar LTD02 02:28 PM 11-15-2013 the 'one cut' version the port is slightly shorter, so it doesn't need to be quite as long. 32" should bring it in right around 17hz.
Atredeis's Avatar Atredeis 03:25 PM 11-15-2013
Oh and that's a 55lb aussie/collie mix standing next to the MartySub. These things are big. Ridiculous as my friend likes to put it.
LTD02's Avatar LTD02 12:01 AM 11-16-2013
anything that you would do different next time? or tips for the martysub! build post?
Atredeis's Avatar Atredeis 03:32 AM 11-16-2013
A couple things which helped alot were:

The various 20Hz HPF Workaround suggestions:
I used a 20Hz HPF and a +2dB PEQ at 20Hz

I used titebond everywhere I could see the joint (for easy cleanup) and PL for closing the box (because it expands)

Duratex is amazing stuff. It nicely hid ALOT of blemishes. I prbably didn't need to play with the second round of Bondo.

The Tie-Wrap trick to manhandle the 40lb woofers.

Do the final assembly in place (or as close to). Putting a 40lb woofer in and not having to move it helps. I'd hate to wrestle one of these up a flight of stairs alone.

All of those threads about fan mods on the inuke? They're not kidding, while not deafening, it is distracting. Will be swapping it out shortly.

Be sure you speak to the person who will be cutting your lumber, not just the office manager. The shop guy didn't read the BOM on the cutlist (in a hurry or whatever), so instead of making 4 2' x 4' panels, he doubled everything else! Thankfully they were a good shop and made everything right without asking for more $$. (On another note, I got the wood from them as well as paying what they asked without negotiating in case something like this happened)

Grill covers add a nice, finished appearance. They increased the WAF dramatically.

I should' have Duratexed the slots during assembly. Spray paint was used for convenience, but it shows and needs retouching. This will be difficult now that its assembled and in place.

Routers are fun. At one point, I could have passed for Sawdust Man.... (sorry, no pictures but I was covered and had to vacuum myself)

That's what I can think of now. Here's another picture...

blah450's Avatar blah450 04:06 AM 11-16-2013
Great build thread, sir!
FOH's Avatar FOH 02:01 PM 11-16-2013
Great outcome! Thanks for sharing the details and the images. You should be proud cool.gif
steve nn's Avatar steve nn 05:54 PM 11-16-2013
Atredeis's Avatar Atredeis 08:19 AM 11-19-2013
I have a question about turning the inuke on and off. Currently, I push the button to turn it on then again to turn it off when done. This should be easy to automate using a PowerSwitch Tail. ( However, my Denon AVR-1713 does not have a +12v trigger output like the higher end models.

I'd like it to power on and off with the AVR, but am unsure where to get a signal from. Attached is a pic of the back of the AVR, but I don't think that will help. Any ideas on what to do would be greatly appreciated.


LTD02's Avatar LTD02 09:54 AM 11-19-2013
you might be better off with something like this:

plug your receiver into the "master" receptacle.

when you turn on the device that is plugged into the "master" receptacle, it switches on power to the devices that are plugged into the "slave" or "controlled by master" receptacles (e.g., your power amp).

there are several of them around these days. search on switched outlet or power saving outlet.
LTD02's Avatar LTD02 09:56 AM 11-19-2013
i'm actually curious if such devices preserve "soft start" or if they cause "popping". anybody?
Atredeis's Avatar Atredeis 11:48 AM 11-19-2013
I'll give the US version a try. It's cheaper than the PowerSwitch Tail and hopefully simpler.

I don't get any noise or pops when powering up the amp normally, so hopefully this won't induce any.
Atredeis's Avatar Atredeis 04:08 AM 11-26-2013
A couple of minor updates, basically everything working as expected.... Note that I found these things by asking here and combing other threads for this useful information.

The switched surge protector has no problems turning the inuke 3000dsp on and off.

As reported elsewhere, the following fan swap on the inuke quieted it down. If I were to do again, I might go for more CFM as my room doesn't require it to be this quiet and I personally prefer more thermal protection. However, this is a major improvement over the stock fan/noise.

As reported here an on the monoprice reviews,the monoprice RCA to XLR cable eliminated the hum caused by the amazon RCA to TRS cable.

In the next day or so, I hope to measure the in room response as well as estimating the tuning frequency and fine tuning the HPF. I already have the UMIK and REW. Just need to get some earplugs... smile.gif

Atredeis's Avatar Atredeis 07:37 AM 11-26-2013
Just getting started with REW, but these look promising...

Brown is with the Denon in Direct mode (Without Audyssey?) and the green is Movie mode. The LFE crossover is set at 120Hz.

I'll do more measuring tomorrow and see what can be learned.
jpmst3's Avatar jpmst3 12:37 PM 11-26-2013
Cool! Congrats on a great build! Enjoy!
Atredeis's Avatar Atredeis 06:41 PM 12-04-2013
I had a colleague visit for a subwoofer demo tonight. We watched the light cycle scene from Tron Legacy. My wife, who was outside playing with the dogs, saw the hardward on the outside of the windows shaking and rattling. biggrin.gif

Here's another pic. I don't think doggie knows what's coming....

Still learning REW and will post some more graphs once I can get repeatable measurements....
chalugadp's Avatar chalugadp 09:14 PM 12-04-2013
It sure is fun biggrin.gif
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