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corekneelius's Avatar corekneelius 09:02 PM 11-08-2013
I wasn't sure where else to post this, and I figured this forum would be my best chance of getting some useful help/ideas....

I have 2 X Polk 12" subs, one of which operates fine, the other is having some issues. The sub with trouble makes a strange noise when pushed to any kind of desirable volume level, especially on the lower freqs... The noise it makes is a sort of squeaking/whistling sound, it's really hard to first thought is that there is a bad seal somewhere.

So my question is should I disassemble this sub and try to locate the source of the problem? Maybe there's a bad seal around the enclosure? Would some kind of silicon caulking be worth a shot? What I mean is should I try running a bead all the way around the enclosure and see if that helps?

Also, I wanted y'all's opinion on modifying the Polk monitor 60 enclosures. I remember reading somewhere on avs about modifying/improving "stock" enclosures to get better sound on the there anything I could do to the inside of my towers to improve the sound? Poly fill? Run a silicon bead around the seals of the enclosures? I'm really open to any tips/advice, even if it is just to tell me to not waste my time.

Thank you! I welcome all inputs!

LTD02's Avatar LTD02 09:38 PM 11-08-2013
not sure what is going on with your sub.

tough to say with the mains unless the cabinet has a resonance. that would show up in a waterfall plot. do you have one for that speaker?

otherwise, your best bet for improving sound quality is some absorption on the walls to kills reflections and cancellations caused by reflections, particularly off the wall behind the speakers. not too much money for an improvement there.
Martycool007's Avatar Martycool007 05:16 AM 11-09-2013
The only modification that I can think of for your Polka would be to add some braces inside the cab to stiffen it up, but whether it not it even needs it, would be beyond me. As LTD02 stated, take some measurements to see if there is a resonance.

I have personally never been a fan of any Polk speakers. So if it were me, I would sell them and pick up 3 Seos-12 kits and build some new mains. You could get something for $300 to $400 per speaker that would stomp ths Polks in the ground.

If you are able, try building some absorbion panels for the first reflection points on the side walls, and add some more absorbion panels on the front & rear walls as well. If you are he'll bent on keeping your Polks, these room treatments would improve things much more than adding braces to the cabinets!
corekneelius's Avatar corekneelius 06:41 AM 11-09-2013
Thank both of you for your responses and advice. I'm not hell bent on keeping them really, was just hoping for some kind of miracle I guess. Well actually now that I have said that, I realize how silly it is.

I'll look in to the Seos-12 kits, thanks!
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