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fwiw, geddes uses the b&c de250 which is quite similar to the dna360 at 900 hz in his summa's with good results. i think he only has a first order high pass on it (passive).

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So can the Seos15 & DNA-360 combo not be crossed at 900hz? I was under the impression that the Seos-15 can hold its pattern control down to 850hz. I already purchased the DNA-360's ,but, I can sell them and opt for the BMS-4550's if those would go down to 900hz or even 850hz better than the DNA-360's. The only reason that I didn't start off with the BMS-4550's was because so many people said that they were virtually identical in SQ and response compared to the DNA-360 and/or B&C DE250's.

I am not going for max SPL, just max SQ with directivity as low as possible. I know there have been some builds of the Seos-15's with the JBL-2226, and with the stellar reputation of the 2226 being such a great driver, (I paid less than $160 each, shipped), I assumed these would be an excellent combination of drivers.

So you would suggest a 12" driver instead of my existing 2226's and to cross over higher than 850hz to 900hz? If I do this, wouldn't that negate the benefits of the Seos-15 over the Seos-12? I know that I could have used the Seos-12 as they are so similar, but. I wanted to eak out every last bit of directivity, and performance that I could possibly get.
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gratuitous bump. :-) still dig the first post :-0
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Originally Posted by FOH View Post
Any updates on this epic system?

Any additional measuring or subjective elements to share?
Originally Posted by Reddig View Post
Ya been wondering how it's been going?
Originally Posted by LTD02 View Post
gratuitous bump. :-) still dig the first post :-0
Heheh. Thanks, John.

Sorry to those who posted a while back. I didn't see the thread get bumped.

To be honest, there has been a large period where I didn't get to use the system for a few months. Had some work done around the house and had to use the room for storage. So much crap was piled up it was impossible to watch a movie or use the room in any meaningful way. Just a few weeks ago I got it all cleaned up and have been back watching movies.

I can't say I have a ton to say about it other than it is awesome and has gobs of effortless sound. The system is never taxed at or near reference level which in this current residence is probably all it's every going to get to. I haven't had the courage to push it past that really. Also I have no measured much as for a while I couldn't and lately I just haven't felt like it. I think it sounds pretty damn good. If anything I have other issues with the room and/or setup that I want to work on.

Speaking of...

So I am probably going to change up the system a little bit. I want to redo the front of my room and it will require a big change. So right now I have six DO subs stacked up and behind the mains. I believe I have the pictures of it back a few pages. So it's a big step but I'm going (thinking of, at least...) bring them down. What I want to do is get four of the six subs and use four up front but laying down and spread across the front of the room all side by side. So what you would see is four 18's facing into the room if sitting at the MLP. Then I would stack the mains on top for a awesome 'wall-O-bass'. But... I've been looking at it a ton and practically, it's gonna be a bitch. I thought long and hard and I will probably take out half the JBL's and just have six instead of twelve. If I were to use all of them the mid/hi section would be no lower than 6ft off the ground. Even factoring in a hefty riser the thing would be way up. I would be building a larger screen and they would still be really high up. It's a compromise needed and I think I would benefit from having the mid/hi closer to ear level than it would to keep the super-awesome-factor of twelve 15's. Been thinking about this for months. I really do need to change up my room as the ergonomics are just kinda ... annoying. You'd have to sit down in the room but it's all closed in and right now with the system sounding good I want to work on the comfort and aesthetic of the room cuz it's an amateur looking mess, usually. Sounds good though!

So that's where things have been. I have been waiting months for SeymourAV to get their new Ultra Fine aperture screen material in and it keeps getting delayed. I've been putting off this change for that and their site still says "ETA 4 weeks" but I've been seeing a 4-6 week ETA since the beginning of August.

Besides the change up front I was going to put the remainder two DO subs (RLp18 loaded) in back for some nearfield subs. Right now there is all the bass up front. I have never had quad corner bass but I want to do this finally. I mentioned maybe moving my old LLT's in for rear duty (in another thread) but that just sounds like a huge PITA and would require a lot more than just hooking them up. I could fit them but I don't honestly want to go through the trouble. Would prefer to keep it sealed all around.

Buuuutttt... lol, always something. I thought when I do this I might, just for fun, hook up a couple of JBL 4648 cabs right in the middle of the room (against the walls, not in the room) for extra midbass fun. Ugh. I know. One thing after another. Sounds like fun but I would only do this after optimizing the quad corner setup and after the new screen wall was installed.

So you can see I have been thinking up all sorts of stuff and most of it does not have to do with these mains directly. I think they sound great and will sound even better once I get them pushed back and not be so close to them. Gonna build a baffle wall for them too at that time.

Anyhoo. I'm glad yall have not forgotten about me. I have a lot on my plate lately and want to continue to improve my room. Now that I have all this gear it is much easier to do something cool but it does take effort to move it physically.

If you have any questions please fill free to post/ask away. I'd really like to hear what you guys think.

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Scott, I can't wait to see how it all pans out. I'm sure it will be stunning!!! How big is the room that you're dealing with?
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Originally Posted by Scott Simonian View Post
It's been a long time coming and they are nearly here.

Looking back at all the gear hoarding and then building...

So what does this thread mean? Well for one, it means for real this time. The build thread will come very soon. Maybe in a coming days or weeks. Possibly sooner. Maybe some time this week. Maybe tomorrow!

If you have any general questions or comments about these new mains and new subwoofers you can leave them here. I am thinking of making a small FAQ for the full thread so your comments and questions could be useful for shaping that up. Also if I have bought something from you that I am using in this go ahead and let me know. I've been piecing this together for a few years so I don't want to forget anybody.

Thanks and enjoy!

I've never seen this but now I have. I like your style Scott!


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it is sooooooo strange. just a few hours ago, i had a thought about your system and was wondering if you had ever considered going to just "two" 15's per channel at least as an experiment. then i thought "nah, its scott, he'd never do that". then i get on the site and see this is what you are contemplating. spooky. maybe i no longer need to logon. :-)

anyway, give it a shot and see if you can tell if you lose anything at all. and if you get a chance, shoot a pic of that rig before you tear it down. definitely one for the history books.

looks like you can hit full peak reference with less than 10 watts with 2 drivers and i kind of doubt the 2226 is compressing and/or distorting too much at 5 watts per driver. ;-)

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You are going to like the baffle wall.

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Originally Posted by onebadmonte View Post

Exactly OMG
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