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steve nn's Avatar steve nn 10:20 AM 02-07-2014
Hey no prob.. If I can’t help you out, there are guys around here that know much more than I that could/can answer your question.

MrMky's Avatar MrMky 02:59 PM 02-13-2014
Got the Yung 500 today and hooked it up immediately. Wow! What a difference an amp makes! All kinds of things were shaking. My wife will probably be strongly against two of these if I ever let her hear it get loud.
On the downside, that annoying clack(?) mentioned earlier in the thread is still present when pushed a little:( This sub was second hand and I'm back to thinking it had a hard life. That and I'm not completely happy about how the enclosure came together has got me thinking about starting over.
I'm still unable to model in winisd but that should change in the next couple weeks. I'm kind of limited to outside dimensions of 24l" x 24w", but I could go several inches higher, enough to get me from 5.5^3 to 6.6-7^3. Do you guys think going to the 15" ultimax sub would be a step up? Maybe one of you other addicts would be willing to do some modeling?
I can't imagine what some of your subs are capable of after listening to this very modest 15 in a huge room. I'll bet you scare the hell out of people during demos!
MrMky's Avatar MrMky 06:55 PM 03-08-2014

Here is my existing box versus the one I'm thinking building. Existing is 5.5^3 tuned to 19hz with a 30hz hpf on a Yung 500 watt non boost plate amp. The other shows a 6.5^3 box tuned to 17hz with a 16hz hpf modification to the same amp. That seems like a pretty significant improvement to me, but I'm still learning how to read these things. Do you guys think this is significant enough to hear and feel a difference?

steve nn's Avatar steve nn 08:06 PM 03-08-2014
Well looks like I screwed up on the plate suggestion, sorry about that. I read the hp was at 20 on another forum but after digging into it deeper I see that's bunk!! rolleyes.gif Sorry Mr...
In one of our threads the issue came up about whether the Yung SD-200 plate amp has a subsonic filter. In the "Questions and Answers" section on the Parts Express website, someone posted the amp does not have a sub sonic filter.
I heard that it did, so to clarify the issue I went to the source,

I asked: Does the SD-200 has a sub sonic filter, and if so, at what frequency.

The reply was All of our SD-series amplifiers have a sub sonic filter. The working frequency is 30Hz.

I thought it was a mistake and replied: You must mean the sub sonic filter is 20hz, am I correct?

The reply was Our engineer advised that the subsonic filter is 30 hz on all SD-series amplifiers.


A Rep from P.E. has stated that the amps are (supposedly) flat to 30 hz and 3 db down at 21 hz, but this needs to be verified.

MrMky's Avatar MrMky 08:16 PM 03-08-2014

Don't worry about it! Just unsure how significant of a change re-doing the enclosure and swapping some resistors on the amp would be. My only real experience has been this one build. So far my only way of comparison is with winisd models. I'm having a ball learning as I go, I think I will probably do it regardless. I am curious though what you guys with more experience think about how much of an impact it will have? Many of you have been very helpful with all my noob questions and I do appreciate it.

steve nn's Avatar steve nn 08:35 PM 03-08-2014
It is a bummer though, especially for you.&^$%^ If your change realized what the graph shows, you would certainly notice a change with HT. I wouldn't make any hp change untill you figure out what you can and will do though. I can't say what kind of hack job your room is going to do to your response though. That driver seems to have it's issues regardless.
MrMky's Avatar MrMky 09:09 PM 03-08-2014

I' m starting to think I was just a little heavy handed on the throttle. The driver is rated to 800rms, the amp is only 500, the amp before was a joke, and the receiver only slightly less so. I am pretty sure now that what I was hearing before was clipping from the amps. One of these days in the not too distant future, I will look into a mic and some software to do some testing. I will do some practice on the old plate amp and when I feel good about it I will switch out the hpf resistors on the Yung amp.

steve nn's Avatar steve nn 11:03 PM 03-08-2014
You might try going to cone excursion at 500w in that size enclosure and looking at things with and without a filter engaged at 19hz tuned to 19-20 5.5ish cf. Then go to air velocity and see what the filter does there also. With the Yung set up as it is you should be under and hear no clack in short.
MrMky's Avatar MrMky 11:25 PM 03-08-2014

Going from 5.5 to 6.5 and changing from round 4" ports to slot ports 1.5"x7" x 3 enabled me to lower the tune from 19-17 and actually lower the port air speed as well as drop the hpf to 16 and still keep excursion under control. Of course, if you see something I missed, let me know? 

steve nn's Avatar steve nn 11:45 PM 03-08-2014
Yeah I was staying with the ports you had. The sky's the limit what you can do depending on power, driver size, excursion and enclosure size.

EDIT> Here is a link that you might find useful. It's nice for slot correction
Martycool007's Avatar Martycool007 05:42 AM 03-09-2014
MrMky, can you explain or provide a link show how to lower the HPF on the Yung plate amp? Which Yung plate amp do you have? The 500watt with no boost version? I wonder how many actual watts that thing is producing? I like the Yung as it is able to be modified for a better HPF, and is fairly cheap. Plus you don't have to mess with hooking up an outboard pro-amp. I had a Yung 300watt plate amp powering my MFW-15 at one time. It did a nice job, and I have since regretted selling it.
steve nn's Avatar steve nn 07:05 AM 03-09-2014
Great idea Marty, it would be nice to have a plate a guy could use with a simple mod that addresses the issue when called for.
MrMky's Avatar MrMky 09:44 AM 03-09-2014
It's pretty thoroughly covered in pages 3-4 of the above thread
MrMky's Avatar MrMky 10:52 AM 03-09-2014

steve nn's Avatar steve nn 01:33 PM 03-09-2014
Did you buy the amp with boost? Maybe you alluded to this earlier??
MrMky's Avatar MrMky 06:07 PM 03-09-2014
I got the non boost amp.
Jon S's Avatar Jon S 10:44 PM 03-09-2014
I built a subwoofer box with the Dayton Audio RRS390HO-4 driver and the Dayton SP-1000 1000-watt amp... i have attached the build specs in a PDF file. The box is 18x18x18.75" with one inch panels with a 1.5" baffle... It is based on the Zaph design. The amp is housed in a separate sub-enclosure to prevent any air leakage issues.

To be honest, my RSS315HF-4 (file is attached as well) has a better bass response than the RSS390HO-4 in a sealed box. The primary advantage of the 15" driver is that it can displace more air.

DA15HOModZaph.pdf 79k .pdf file
DA12RS-4SingleSealedModifiedZaphAudio.pdf 80k .pdf file
Attached: DA15HOModZaph.pdf (79.0 KB)  DA12RS-4SingleSealedModifiedZaphAudio.pdf (79.6 KB) 
Tags: Dayton Audio Rss390ho 4 15 Reference Ho Subwoofer 4 Ohm
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