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bassfacejayce 02-26-2014 03:54 PM

Hey guys, new here and not very knowledgeable, could use some help if someone is willing.  I'm having 4 boxes built w/ TC Sounds 5100 pro drivers.  (one in each)  I do not know ANYTHING about tuning a box, other than it has to do with the size of the port.  So that's one issue.  The other is that I want to set my mains on top of 2 of the sub boxes - my room is 184" wide, and my screen is 123" wide (135 diagonal).  So that leaves 30" on each side, and the boxes can't taller than 26" (speakers are 29" tall, and I'm told that the center should be at ear level)


Is this possible, or should I just have all the subs behind the couches?  And if so, what is the ideal size/shape?  Sorry if this is confusing, or asking too much for a first post!  (I'd be open to using smaller subs up front, but I've been told that it's difficult not to end up w/phase cancellation and all that)

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