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06-23-2014 | Posts: 333
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Ok here is the thing. I am really in the market for a 100 watt Subwoofer plate amplifier that can handle a 4 Ohm load on a EHQS12-4. THe subwoofer is just a budget subwoofer I built where the amplifier I initially used had to be removed for another projects. Now I am looking for an affordable replacement for the Cerwin Vega amplifier it had installed I was looking for a SA100 on ebay but lost out to one...If time passes and I have to buy new I was looking at the YUNG 100 watt amplifier. Anyone had any experience with it and if it is any good if I do have to go that way. Thanks in advance.
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I know your'e waiting for a good answer to this thread OP, but I wouldn't count on getting lots of people answering it. Most people on here are pushing far more power to their subs (even their budget subs) than 100 W and even less people are using Plate amps.

Just in case you thought people were ignoring you.
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just keep in mind that plate amps often come with different types of equalization built in, so be sure to get one that will work with your rig.

here are a couple for $40


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Thank you both, I know very well about the trend of subs actually. This sub was something I had built for my father. It was from eD's "20Hz for $100 dollars" project I think it was called. This sub is just going to be for mainly music, no real pushing actually. I already have 2 Subwoofers for my HT which is in another room I built some years ago using ED 13Kv.2 each powered with it's own BASH 300 Watt amp. My room is small so these suffice and therefore no need for me to upgrade to a big power amplifier of any sort since the BASH don't even push any where near 200 watts in its current capacity, so a big power amplifier would be over kill for what I have to work with. I didn't think any one has been ignoring me as I have been around for a while doing this and pretty much settled and no longer doing it much and I know the power bracket I am asking about might be puny to some but was hoping some one had messed with it. The Sub I am looking to revive and looking for the amp is just sitting in the living room and will be hooked up to an HK3480 that sits in the living room to just provide some music anyways so its not that critical.

The EHQS sub is a very "hungry" sub, so those amps thought the fit the price range of "cheap" they would not provide enough at 4 Ohm. I think they rated between 41 Watts or something like that at that load and that amp would be able to fit the bill properly. The original design by eD had called for a 100 watt amp, the enclosure is also ported so boosting is not required. I am not too worried about the equalization either due to the fact that the sub will be mostly for music and no critical listening. Hence why I also asked if any one had any experience with the Yung 100 Watt amplifier.

Thanks again for at least responding to the thread though.
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miniDSP has their plate amps out.
Adam-DiVine's Avatar Adam-DiVine
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That mini dsp plate amp looks cool. Can you adjust the power output (like you can with the inukes)?
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Damn, that looks great, a bit more than I want to spend though.

Thanks for the suggestion though, appreciate it.
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06-24-2014 | Posts: 7,029
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Originally Posted by Adam-DiVine View Post
That mini dsp plate amp looks cool. Can you adjust the power output (like you can with the inukes)?

I'm not a 100% sure but I think you can limit the power through the DSP. They are cool looking amps, I even thought about using some of them to build so active self powered speakers.
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