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Port is 44" on the 30 cuft monster.
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I used delta-FL over osb in my old basement theater and my little SVS 12pb-nsd would shake the room and couch really well. In my new house with the same sub on the concrete slab it is almost unnoticeable. I even moved it right to the listening position and it still isn't close... The delta-FL type sub floor only raises the floor by ~1" and I will be using it again to finish my basement at the new house.

Worth a shot for some added tactile response and not much cost or height lost.

Other benefit is added moisture protection... About a month after finishing my theater my water heater failed but my floor was fine since I had the sub floor water drained under the delta-FL.
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Originally Posted by dominguez1 View Post
I think you should start with building a similar riser as this:

FoLLgoTT's build: 18 x Peerless XXLS12

A passive riser with ULF resonant frequency...
I think he should go with an active riser...

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Originally Posted by Fatshaft View Post
I completely understand and feel what you've gone through...I'm also saying that YOU understand what I'm going through!

thanks for letting me know re the SI18's not being able to do Ghorns with them.
I'm prob just gone try a transducer 1st and also think this should be enough. Thank you kindly

My signal chain rolloff starts around 6HZ...past measurements I got a 134.5DB at 6.5HZ.

Don't get me wrong...I'm still shaking when example:
the chopper scene in Lone Survivor, trust me my chair (where I'm sitting) is shaking pretty dam good.
Sitting on the sofa upstairs during the same scene is an unbelievable difference.
I swear to you that standing upstairs while the chopper scene goes, you cannot focus whatever would be playing on the tv upstairs.

Now with the SI's not being able to do Ghorns, I'm wondering if changing 2 of my 21's to ported could help a little.
To be clear, my room sweeps lacks from 13 to 26hz and then get ridiculous boost at 30hz, 80hz and 8-10hz.
I'm craving right now the 13-26hz region.

I really need to get to Notnyt's place (closest to me) and get a feel for his system. I'm also convinced if I go that it'll cost me a pretty good amount on wood and Duratex (a tranducer for sure)

You're welcome to come check it out.. prob ~7hr drive without traffic
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Originally Posted by notnyt View Post
You're welcome to come check it out.. prob ~7hr drive without traffic
One day I will...I'm sure you understand my addict and I completely respect what you've done.
I can't wait.

I have that chest slamming feeling...what I'm craving is the low rumble feel.
Plus I get to experience your crosons and most importantly...learn from you!



My Build Thread
Equipment Speakers:
3x 1099's for LCR duty
4x Fusion 8's for surround duty
8x subs: 4x FTW21's and 4x SI18's
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