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DIESEL758's Avatar DIESEL758 11:21 PM 08-01-2014
Hey guys I currently have two sealed Dayton 18HO's powered by a peavy IPR2 5000 and I am using a behringer FBQ3102 to EQ them. I plan on building two Martysub boxes to replace the sealed boxes. Are there any different settings on the EQ that need to be changed for ported subs?? is there something else I can replace the 3102 with??

BassThatHz's Avatar BassThatHz 12:47 AM 08-02-2014
the FBQ is not really ideal.

You need something more like a miniDSP with umik.

Without a mic and REW you are just guessing.
Martycool007's Avatar Martycool007 04:27 AM 08-02-2014
No, the settings will most certainly need to be redone. As BassThatHz mentioned above, you really need a measurement mic, such as the UMIK-1 or UMM-6 in order to take measurements and adjust the EQ accordingly.
DIESEL758's Avatar DIESEL758 09:15 AM 08-02-2014
Ok I can pick one of those up. Is the FBQ ok for know until I can get something else??
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