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Strange sound while using REW

Another oddity I seem to be getting the last few days that makes me somewhat worried.

I was using REW (with UMIK), iNuke6000DSP, and two 18" ported subs (UM18s in MiniMarty). I was using REW on my desktop PC connected to my Pioneer AVR using HDMI and the ASIO driver in REW.

I had my main speakers physically disconnected from the AVR, and SUB set as YES (crossover 200Hz) in AVR.

I would keep doing measurements sweeps from 15-200Hz and then suddenly (after maybe 20-30 sweeps ), I noticed the sub I was testing started making a "raspy" sound during the sweep. This was not anything rattling, but rather it looked like the signal itself was raspy, loud as normally during the sweep but raspy and struggling to be clean, kind of like a motorcycle engine sometimes sounds while turned on and idling.

First thought was the speaker got damaged (even though the levels I played at were really low), but then I fully lowered the iNuke gain on that one and turned it up for the other sub (different cable, and different channel on the iNuke) and noticed the same issue with the other sub too.

So at least its not the subs (relief ...)

But when this started happening, I kept doing several more measurements to see if it will get better .. it did not. I think I even tried turning my amp on / off without any luck.

Eventually after trying different dozens of things to get things sounding good again, restaring REW etc some point it recovered, but was not sure how / what I did.

Well after I got this to happen a few more times the last few days, what I noticed is that when it happens, if in REW preferences screen I toggle the "Timing Reference Output" between Right Speaker and Completely off, the issue seems to resolve immediately. The very next sweep I do sounds fine.

So basically right now I am not sure if it is maybe

- Problem with REW / ASIO .. but why in the world would it generate that awful sound all of a sudden ?

- Problem with my iNuke, but when I toggle the Timing Reference Output (second speaker) in REW, it generates a different signal (more / less powerful) that somehow causes the AMP to cleanup its output.

Really .. really strange .. and I wonder if anyone has any idea what this could be ?

Sorry I do not have too many clues yet, but I Am trying to get them myself still.

What I do know is that I Will get this again at some point, and I can just toggle the Second Speaker setting in REW (Tim Ref Out), to fix it when it happens

I really hope its not the amp.

If I had a second AMP, I Would probably be able to split the input between the two and immediately tell if both exhibit the issue (pinpointing to source - AVR, REW .) but I don't, I only have the one iNuke.

That is why I was curious if anyone has ever had a similar experience.
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I haven't done measurements recently, but when I did, I could make it go away, but only temporarily, by changing the output channel to a different one, then back to the original again. In this post, a user says he was able to fix it for good by setting the ASIO sampling rate to 48 kHz.

Edit: All references to The Most Interesting Man in the World unintentional.

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I have to do the channel change like mentioned above. It always happens when either making changes on the avr or deleting sweeps in rew. I keep my cursor over the button to stop the sweep and stop it right away if I hear the crackle. I've just learned to live with it.
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Ah good to know. Feeling relieved its not the subs or the amp.

I think at one point I noticed it while changing the phase in the iNuke Software, at other times maybe I tweaked PEQ, do not really remember.

At least there is a way to quickly go back to normal.
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ASIO is known for jitter due to hyper-low latency and small buffers. Not if your soundcard/REW has adjustments for that.
I never use ASIO with REW, never had a problem.
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