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My app is not a player. It is a real-time ASIO DSP device-bridge.
It is basically just a higher channel-count version of a miniDSP, running on a PC instead of a small external blackbox.

A miniDSP doesn't know if it is playing a movie, a game, karaoke, or grandma's xbox.
My app is no different in that regard.

You can't pre-analyze a game or karaoke, as it is real-time audio stream and subject to change, at any moment, for any reason. (That is... *if* you believe in free-will ).

It only knows about the audio frames it has been given in the past or at present. (Which could be anything from Mute zeroes to fully DC clipped i.e. infinite 1's)

The only reason it plays wav and mp3 files at-all, is mostly for debugging purposes.

My app is more like APO EQ, but there are distinct differences:
APO is limited to 7.1, and doesn't support ASIO. It also isn't a device-bridge, APO listens to all Windows sounds.
My app must be given an ASIO input soundcard or at least an ASIO4All virtual-audio input-device. It listens to that, it doesn't listen to Windows sounds. (At least not version 1.0 )

I tried to make my app support WASAPI and Windows sounds. But NAudio was coded by like 5+ different developers and the code is a bit of a mess (too many chef's in the kitchen syndrome. 9 women cannot make a baby in 1 month. Throwing more monkeys and keyboards at the problem isn't always the best solution.) It kept crashing and the functions were drastically different so I aborted that idea... (for now.)

On that note, I've seen several companies go bankrupt because they fire their developers and replace them with cheaper noobs or try to outsource them to India.
The result is that the new developers don't want anything to do with the existing code because it ain't their baby and it is a mess (in their eyes or in actual fact).
Or the noobs fill the code with thousands of errors!

I once was applying around for jobs and this company hired me, their code didn't even compile (thousands of errors, faulty structures and illogic), their production database password was lost, half the code was missing and they didn't even know what source-control was. Then... they had the audacity to try to force me to fix it in just 4 weeks. Needless to say I don't work there anymore. I wonder if they are still in business...
Their code literally looked like a silverback was let loose in a room full of china and banana's. The worse code I've ever seen to-date.

and as for outsourcing, have you ever seen any "India Tech Scammer vs" youtube vids. They ONLY know like 10 commands. Win+R CMD, Regedit, SysKey, Dir, RD and Del *.* LOL
I should totally create a government-level hardened Windows box and watch them be unable to do anything to it (even when logged in as local admin.) They would rage quit every time, it would be absolutely comical.

VP's always think they'll "save money" by outsourcing, but all it does it end up costing a fortune, taking forever, brain-draining your company, and sending your companies and countries money overseas.
The result is no middle class and apps that are quickly pushed out the door, constantly crash and/or doesn't do what you desire, and never does get fixed (because it is full of unsolvable shortcuts and kludges.)
Not to mention the language barrier and the 36 hour communication delay. (It is less risky to buy a clone amp, and make that investment be your core business model. All chips placed on Red. LOL)

One of the government places I worked for spends $500 million dollars A YEAR on outsourced software. The software is a continuous blue screen.
They use to spend only $40 million in-house (and it had zero errors.)
How many African's could have eaten that?
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The biggest benefits of outsourcing are its effects on balance sheets and accounting, which in turn misleads investors who obsess over simplistic metrics, thus driving up stock prices. Yeah, it's bad for the long term, but that's not important to executives who can cash in and flee, leaving someone else holding the bag. This private sector fad has invaded public sector practice, where there's less direct cash incentive but plenty opportunity for "political leaders" to claim victory, leaving the ultimate failure for the next elected guy or gal to deal with.

Our economy of "maximizing shareholder value" coupled with a cult-like obsession over metrics that are largely meaningless without being viewed in context has created incentives for some very stupid behavior. So few companies even *do* anything any more. They are just empty shells, taking money from their customers as long as possible before their customers realize they are being ripped off. So sad.
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