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3Sixty's Avatar 3Sixty 06:58 AM 02-26-2006
I am new to DIY speaker building and want to start out with a subwoofer to get my feet wet. I am also planning on building a home theater also and thought about the possibility of building my subwoofer into the riser (platform for seating to go on). Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I would also like to put in some tacticle transducers (sp?) in the riser - probably Buttkickers. Would this adversley affect the performance of the subwoofer (i.e. too much vibration)?

bimmerboy750's Avatar bimmerboy750 08:09 AM 02-26-2006
check out the DIY gallery in this thread

There's a pic and wire diagram of the riser/sub i made. The sub alone (2 10" 400w drivers) shakes the couch on top of it no problem. Butt kickers can always be added later.
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